Thursday, May 26, 2016

Notting Hill Splendid Dresdens

I’m whacked, I know. In thinking of what to name this post (something I hate doing), it occurred to me that it’s a review of what I’ve accomplished this week so far. That would be: finishing up the three green Dresdens for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge, my monthly two blocks for my Notting Hill quilt and sewing together all the blocks for my abbreviated Splendid Sampler. Hence, the title.

Last weekend my cousins (really nieces) were all over to sew, and Jenny finished a red and black quilt. Alfie decided to perform the Cozy Test on it before Jenny finished the binding. He rated it two paws up.

Alfie is rarely still (especially when I get out the camera), so please excuse the blurs.

Below are my three Dresden blocks. Using a blue background is a first. Also, because I machine-gathered the center yo-yos instead of hand gathering, there were raw edges. So I finished them off with center buttons. One thing you can say about me is that I am consistently inconsistent.

Once the Dresdens were out of my hair done, I quickly whipped up two more 12” blocks for my Notting Hill sampler quilt. The block immediately below is called Crosses and Losses.

This block is called Origami Box, but I think that the design gets lost with these busy prints. Heck, the whole line (Notting Hill) is very busy, but I should have added some solids as I have in other blocks.... You’ll also see some Architextures in there....

There are now 14 of 20 blocks done, and I have already started cutting out the two for June. I know at some point in June or July I`m going to whip through and just GET IT DONE. At present, there are no plans for this quilt, but I am hoping my DIL will like it enough to select it as her Christmas Quilt. It will have white sashing (or maybe hot pink?). As usual, I haven’t decided yet.

And finally, my happiest semi-completion of the week: my A.S.S. - Abbreviated Splendid Sampler.  The official Splendid Sampler (OSS) calls for 100 blocks. My attention span is not that long, and I was just not feeling the love on this project. So, after completing about 20-something blocks, I added a few blocks of my own (notice the kitten?), added filler blocks and now it’s a finished flimsy.

At this point, with (7) 6” blocks across and (8) 6” blocks down, it should measure 42.5” x 48.5” (with outer unfinished quarter-inch seams). Mine measures 43x49. Yep, it always happens to me. I`m so afraid of not making the blocks large enough that my seams are just a hair too narrow. Oh well.... my piecing is a bit off. I don’t care. It will make a cute (baby?) quilt (except that “Measure Twice Cut Once” block). For now, it will be hung nicely on a hanger in my stitching room awaiting its final destination.

So, I am off to Seattle on Saturday morning to visit my daughter and will be back on Monday afternoon. Short visit. Bruce is stocked up with oatmeal raisin cookies, pizza, a strawberry-rhubarb pie, chicken strips, peanut butter and coffee. He`s good to stay behind and eat.

Cathy maroon


  1. Okay - I need another lie-down with a cool cloth on my forehead to recover from the flurry of activity going on in your sewing room. Are you sure the 'crazy' in your blog name doesn't refer to the crazy hours you must keep? I have a mental image of you floating about in your house (a la the fairy godmothers in Cinderella), magic wand in hand, sprinkling magic dust hither thither on fabrics and lo and behold - finished blogs (AND quilts!).

  2. Yup, MA got it right!! Crazy activity at your house. There is so much movement in the pink blocks I wasn't sure where to land my eyes...oh, yes I do. On block eleven. You have mentioned that block before, but I didn't realize how much I liked it until I saw it in a group of others. I hope when I am done taking Kathy's class that I will love pieces blocks as much as you do, but I must admit I do prefer the more simple blocks with fewer pieces. I REALLY like block 11. A LOT.

    Have a great visit with your daughter and I hope your weather is perfect.
    xx, Carol

  3. Wow! That's a lot of productivity AND adorablity all in one place.


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