Saturday, March 12, 2016

Scrappy Purple Cats and Butterflies

This month is for the color purple in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. To join in with all the other sewists* (see end of post) at Scrappy Saturday, I am linking up with Angela. Swing by and see all the scrappiness and happiness in purple.

The REAL Purple Mama Cat arrived last week! The first one, made when I was “high” on cold meds at the first of the month, had a crooked tail and a decided list to starboard.  I decided she was feral and let her go. Into the litter (trash) box. New Purple Mama Cat came together sweet as a song, and before I knew it, kittens started arriving. They took no time at all to gather around Mama, forming a 24” square.

The kittens were so happy that they invited their brown and blue cousins for a visit on the design board. A good time was had by all, hehe. Thank goodness I don’t have to feed them!

From cats I went to butterflies and began plugging away at the RSC Sampler blocks for March. They are 6” butterflies, and for the size of quilt I am making, I needed 12. 

They were sewn flew into their column after I took the pictures and now hang with the other two January and February columns. 

This one is my favorite butterfly. I love the colors, contrast and touches of yellow (and pink). The fabric is leftover from my Helen’s Garden quilt and is by Tamara Kate.

And I’ve been continuing with the Splendid Sampler, although I didn’t do the embroidered block (may come back to that later).  So here is my next block, which I love.

The picture below also shows all of them to date, including one that I need to redo (the lower right). It’s too wonky and big (so much for scant 1/4 seams). But I like how they’re  looking.

In the coming week, I’ll be making 2 purple Dresden blocks and more of the 16-patch scrappy purple blocks with white and black centers. Then from there, who knows. I have lots of purple left. I also have a quilt to baste, etc. At least I have my energy back.

Finally, I got a new iPadAir2 this past week. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. It’s faster, has better graphics, and doesn’t crash like my old iPad2 (which was four years old). I’m keeping it for the grandkids to use for their games. Maybe. If they give their Grammy the required quota of hugs every visit!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* OK, so do you say SEWIST or SEWER (sow-er)?  I say SEWIST, but many people still say sewer. To you, here is this:
Credit for this brilliant discovery (many years ago) goes to Melody Johnson .

Until next time,

Cathy maroon


  1. Your cats are so cute, and I love the colors in your Splendid Sampler!
    --Nancy, who came by way of RSC

  2. Your blocks are all lovely!

    I guess I never think about the sewer/sewist thing since I typically just describe myself as a quilter.

  3. Great blocks for this week. I love the purple ones, bu sure you are doing a great job with the others. Have a great weekend.

  4. The blue, brown/pink and purple cat families are too, too cute. I just say I'm a quilter that way I don't have to think about sewer or sewist.

  5. Your cat reunion photo is great. How did you get them all to stay still at once? Never thought of sewer/soower before, but have seen plenty of the tombs. I'm glad I'm just a quilter.

  6. yeah, that sewer thing.... I avoid that and say I am a quilt artist. Or that I love to sew. LeeAnna

  7. Yay for purple cats!! And I'm definitely a sew-ist (sewinista? quitinista?) - not a sewer!!

  8. Oh, those cats are so cute. Nice that they all get along and can sit still and pose together.

    I don't call myself either a sewist or a sewer although my mind is sometimes a sewer.

  9. Lol! Love the cat reunion story! You were really busy this week! Glad you are feeling better.
    I say 'quilter' or 'I sew'!!

  10. No, no. Sewer is pronounced soer, while sewer is pronounced soooer. BIG difference, lol.

    Your kitties are so sweet. I really like the color transition on your design wall.

    I absolutely love how your Splendid Sampler is advancing. I have always loved that color pallet. No matter what you call yourself, I call you talented!!

    Have a great week.
    xx, Carol

  11. Wow - that's a lot of kittens!! You've been a busy girl once again.

  12. I love your cats! And the Splendid Sampler is lovely! (I do hope you are feeling better!)


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