Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Footstool Revamp

Finally back!  I had to buy more storage space from Google to get blogging again. And I understand that happened to a lot of you, too.  I won’t go in to the circles and wild goose chases Google led me on in hopes of maintaining the status quo. Ended up paying more than I wanted to because I am also an administrator of the Crazy Quilting International blog, so those pictures count toward my allowed quota. (I wonder if they count against EVERY administrator? That certainly wouldn’t be fair. . . ) But I digress….

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?  We did, but I forgot to take pictures. And if I don’t, it seems that no one else will!!  The grandkids were all here for Fiesta, which is our Mexican food celebration on the Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving.  It’s much better not to have to fight the ex-spouses and the in-laws for our turn with our grown kids and their families.

Now, down to business.  A couple years ago I bought a decrepit footstool at the thrift store for $5.  If you are like me, you see all sorts of potential in this bad boy:

Before: Dark and Dirty. Really dirty.

Top Before: Outdated fabric worn down to the wood

Solid wood, good hardware.  “Good Bones"

After:  3 Coats of white paint, new fabric, padding and rotted top board replaced.

After: Inside
After:  It matches my chair (and my couch, not pictured)

The fabric I used is a print from the “Indie” line by Pat Bravo for Free Spirit Fabrics. It only took a fat quarter.  But because it was not of home dec weight, I did use an iron-on interfacing to give it some sturdiness.  I purchased a foam remnant on sale at JoAnn’s for cheap.  The inside fabric was an old piece of batik I had that coordinated nicely with the cover fabric.  DH decided the top piece of chipboard was too rotten to use, so we replaced it with a piece of wood left over from several years ago when we re-did our patio chairs (no picture).

The original hardware was reused, and I added some little felt pads to the bottoms of the feet.  It was a cute re-do for cheap.

I also re-finished a mahogany doll bed (you can see part of the “before” in the second picture above).  This will be for London when done; I have to do some paint touch-up still. But the little doll quilt and pillow for it are done. I will save that for another post.  :-)

I’ve also finished another quilt and done some CQ stitching to share.

Cathy maroon


  1. Well done Cathy! Your footstool is wonderful!

  2. I had to buy more space too. It stinks that those photos count against you! Not fair. Your footstool turned out very nice.

  3. I can imagine you are feeling very satisfied. It feels so goods to renovate something ugly and old into something beautiful.
    Well done!

  4. Cathy, the footstool is fabulous! You are so clever to be able to renovate things like that. Our old stuff ends up at opshops for others to find and renovate :-(

  5. Oh I bet that feels super soft with the Indie, a very comfy stool!


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