Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fifteen Seconds

Fifteen seconds of Fame.  Bruce had his this week.  I only got 3.4 seconds, but that is just fine with me, LOL.

The Leonardo (The Leo, for short), a science/technology and art museum where Bruce works was featured this week on a local Fox news station.  Of the 6 segments they did, Bruce and his newly-developed tinkering studio were one of them.

You can watch it (or not) here:

And then I was grocery shopping and picked up some of Bruce`s favorite cheese (an aged sharp white cheddar). The Tillamook (a brand of cheese; they are a national cooperative of farmers) were there and stopped me and asked if they could take my picture.  What? Me?  Um… OK, I guess.  Smile.  Click. And then they emailed the picture to me.  Whatever!

They also gave me a little button to pin on that said “I Loaf You” (get it? A LOAF of cheese).  I gave it to Bruce when he got home from work, as it was our 9th wedding anniversary that day.  And then we went out to dinner.

No cheese, just fish.  :-)

Yesterday I pieced a quilt for one of my grandkids for Christmas.  Today I will square it up and hopefully pin baste it.  Can’t decide whether to begin quilting it or move on to piecing the next one. Decisions, Decisions.

And since we do not want a pictureless post, and it has been as hot as hell (literally) here and around the country, I thought I would just insert a picture from winter before last. A shot from Wheeler Farm, a block from my house in January of 2011.

Let’s pretend it’s cool outside!   
Feel better now?

Until next time,
Cathy maroon


shawkl said...

Very cool! And I mean the "stars"...but also the snow too I guess.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh!! I almost feel cool. Not quite....not at all. Now, I'm off to check out your links.
x, Carol

Katy Cameron said...

Infamy or bust I say ;o) Hope you cool down soon!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

cool cheese pic!! how fun!

FredaB said...

I looked at both and enjoyed seeing the two of you.What fun. We like the extra sharp white cheddar from Cabot cheese in Vermont.

We are having the same heat and even though we are in a air conditioned house it seems to have zapped all my energy and creativity. I just need something to get me interested.

Loved the pic of the snow even though I run to Florida to get away from it.

Cat said...

Great links - the rubber-band cars and the tillamook cheese!
I didn't know Tillamook was national...I thought it all still came out of Tillamook Oregon! Doh, I guess that's a lot of cheese. :)
You got a quilt top done! Yay!
Ahhh... snow. Have a cool weekend.