Saturday, February 18, 2012

February CQJP and TAST - Detached Chain

I was able to spend the morning stitching, which is unusual for a Saturday. But I guess when you are retired, or at least working your own little business, the days all more equal. You work a little almost every day and play a little almost every day. :-)

For the detached chain, I made some little flowers along the pink and gold meandering vine, lower left. I also added the detached chain grass and leaves in the lower left, with bead flowers.  The print that forms that lower right patch is a crinkled fabric and had an irregular border, so I thought some freeform greenery would also serve to hold down the edge.
February CQ Journal Project Complete
 Here are my January and February blocks together.

And this is how they look in place on the design board. Everything is just pinned at this stage, so please forgive the wonkiness.  I think the stitching on the black is working well. And although the grass seam in the lower right of block two seams a bit heavy in the block, I believe it looks good in situ. The green picks up some of the little blue forget-me-nots in the main stitchery. I will need to remember to add a bit of this blue-green (or just blue) here and there.

I have also been auditioning some trims for the inside square around the needlepoint (between it and the blocks). So many possibilities! Of course, it is way too early to make a decision. But it is easy enough to eliminate some choices.  :-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
My Etsy shop is still going crazy, and I have to thank you who visit.  :-)  I really do try to keep the quality up and the prices reasonable (and the postage as low as possible!!).  It appears that come next month (can you believe March will be here in less than 2 weeks?) I will hit a few milestones.  My Etsy shop will hit 1,000 sales in March (if things continue on pace).  This blog has 295 followers, so I will likely reach 300 in March (I hope, anyway!!)  As well, I already passed my 400th post this month.

So, given the above, plus the fact that my birthday is in March and I would love to celebrate it with you, I think that I will host a giveaway in March!  Woo-hoo!  It has been awhile, and I am excited.  I have to think of something good, something you would like. Would that be lace? Fabric? A gift certificate to Crazy by Design?  A mixed bag of CQ stash? Vintage goodness?  All of the above, LOL?!?

In the meantime, ENJOY your weekend!

Cathy maroon


  1. Your blocks look good side by side, Cathy. The stitches really show up on the black.I've been having fun stitching this weekend, too.

  2. Your blocks are perfectly complimenting your center piece. Congrats on all those milestones, too!
    xx, Carol

  3. SO much to congratulate you on!! Your blocks look GREAT all together like that. I've always loved the idea of brights on black and you're pulling it off beautifully!

    Congrats on the shop and the blog and the birthday too! xoxo Susan

  4. The blocks look lovely, especially when placed on the design wall with the others. Am really liking the black. Congrats on your milestones.

  5. This quilt is looking so good! Congrats on all your milestones, too. ;-)

  6. Your whole project is great. Love all your stitching. Congrats on lots of milestones and an early happy birthday. I will definitely be back in March to celebrate with you.


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