Sunday, February 5, 2012

Enjoying Life

Today I am ENJOYing (my word for the year) and am thankful for:

Sight:  Boomer curled up sleeping in the sun
Sound:  Our “Duffy" station on Pandora. Etta James is singing.
Smell:  Bruce just ground coffee beans.  :-)
Taste: Anticipating my first-ever Papa Murphy’s pizza when we watch the Superbowl
Feel:  My hands and arms have not been numb this morning, and I am grateful for that.

Other: Bruce is doing laundry while I have been listing things in Etsy.  Daughter Megan just called to say hello. The sun is shining outside, even if it is cold.  We are planning a Barnes & Noble date tomorrow. We go, read magazines and have coffee. And say hi to my former co-workers.

May your coming week be wonderful!
Cathy maroon


  1. How peaceful....that's in my future. Counting down til the 15th when the non boarders are moving..serenity is in my future!!

  2. Thanks for the cheerful start to a new week. I love Mondays.

  3. I loved all those prints you shared, thanks:))


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