Saturday, November 21, 2009

Whoooooo's on First?

I am so in love with these little owls!!! As promised, I snapped a picture of all 8 of these little guys lined up, ready to make their debut at the boutique on December 5 (although one of the black & white ones is already sold!) (it was a custom order).

I haven't stitched or sewed for two days, and I'm going through withdrawals! On Friday, I left work at noon and spent the rest of the afternoon running errands. Then DS (Shane) & DDIL (Heather) brought my sweet granddaughter London over, and Bruce and I tended her all evening while Shane and Heather went to the opening of Shane's show at a local art gallery. London is 2 1/2 months old now, and so alert. She LOVES looking at new things, and when she is happy she makes this gurgly sound and says "goooo". Cracks me up. And all the recent pictures I've taken of her are on my new phone, and I haven't learned yet how to download them to my computer.....

Then today, Bruce & I cleaned house, did the grocery shopping, and went Christmas shopping (for the grandkids). I wanted to get that done this weekend before the crowds REALLY hit after Thanksgiving. Plus one daughter and SIL live out of state, so that package needs to get mailed this week (so I can avoid post office crowds later). It was after six when we got done, so we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat before heading home.

One of my "errands" on Friday was an estate sale. I even went back again today (second and last day of sale) for the "half price" items. I got lots of wonderful linens, aprons, hankies, vintage Christmas ornaments, a couple limited edition bird plates, and lots more things. Before I photograph and show these things, I need to photograph and show all the goodies that my Good Samaritan friend Cathy D gave me (which I told you about in a recent post). I will do that over the next day or two...... as soon as I can clear a place to photograph this stuff.
I'm being overrun!!!

And after my dear friend Freda said I should "give up the day job and just buy and sell", I gave that a lot of thought. And then I dreamed about it. Although I'm not going to quit my job (after all, it's only part-time and I LOVE WHEELER FARM!!), I AM going to start selling.

In fact, as I sort all these items to photograph and show you on the blog, I'll also sort out and snap pictures of the giveaway items. As I said, the giveaway items will be listed over the Thanksgiving weekend.

But the other items - well, much of it will be for sale and will go into my Etsy or Artfire shops in the near future. Generally, I'm going to try to use the Crazy By Design for my personal sewing/stitching creations, and "A Touch of Vintage" for the sale of vintage "supplies" (laces, etc.) and vintage goods (linens, Christmas decorations, etc.). My only limiting factor is that my Etsy shop is already stuck with the name "Catkiz" (CAThy KIZerian), which I stupidly named it when I set it up a couple years ago.... Oh well.

So, stay tuned!!



  1. Hi Cathy
    I LOVVVVE your owls.... Absolutely sweet..
    Sounds like you have been a busy gal.. and I bet that grand daughter is a delight... Mine are all grown and in University so there is no gooing and gurgling going on around here......sigh!
    Enjoy as they do grow up so quickly..

  2. Aww, those owls are so cute!
    I can't wait to see what you've bought at the estate sale!! If you can't change the name of your etsy account, why not just open another one and call it something else? I don't know how etsy works, but if it's like eBay, you can have more than one account under different names.

  3. Cathy, these owls are so cute! I find I'm developing a fondness for owls, too. Gotta find my iron-on transfers...I know I have some owls.

  4. They are as cute as a button as the saying goes. Someone may want to buy the whole lot to sit in a basket like you show. That would be a nice sale.

    I see I have you thinking. Go for it girl and right - don't give up the day job as they say. With part time you can do both. This from someone who is not even threading a needle right these days.



  5. I love your owls, they are soooooo cute.


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