Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bad, Bad Girl!!

Bad Girl..... that would be me. I got lazy this week. More accurately, I just burned out on denim-bibbed aprons, LOL. I DID finish one more (if you're counting, this would have been Wednesday's apron, I think).....

This is a little girl's apron. The colors in the photo look so different, but in reality they match very nicely. I thought I'd include some of the inside detailing. Yes, I did a French Seam where the two fabrics joined at the skirt bottom... And I added some lace - rather vintage-y (from the seventies)...

I spent more time than I had planned hangin' out with sick DH this week, but it's all good. He's going back to work tomorrow. :-) We did go to a couple thrift stores this week; one was a disappointment, the other netted me some Good Stuff, like fabric, crepe paper (for paper doll dresses), a small stand that I can use to elevate some stuff on my boutique table, and some books.

And I've never shown you this GREAT purse I got in October.

I can't believe this was just sitting there in one of the bins..... it had been there two weeks when I found it. I snatched it up real quick, let me tell you. It's in pristine condition. Look at that frame!!! I doubt it's more than 25-30 years old (does anyone know how to tell?). Guess what I paid for it????

Yeppers.... $2.99. I should've shown something for size reference, but I can tell you that the frame measures 14" across, and the length from top of frame (not clasp) to the bottom of the purse is 12". That's a big purse. Don't know what I'll do with it yet.

This is a rather hodgepodge post, if you haven't noticed.

At Crazy Quilting International, I'm the one who handles the monthly Challenge. This month, we're doing Silk Burning as a sort of afterthought, but the main topic is Organizing Your Stash. We've set up a database and a picture album so that members can have a place to both Show and Tell their storage solutions for fabrics, beads, laces, trims, silk ribbon, buttons, art suppplies, etc. etc. I plan to devote a separate post to my pictures. Tonight I uploaded 20 pictures to the CQI photo album, and I realized I haven't even taken pictures of my storage for silk ribbons, dyeing supplies, silkie prints & supplies and a couple other things. Hmmmm... maybe I'll have to do that in two blog postings.....

I've also been trying to update the graphics on my business card, labels, tags & signage for the boutique. Spending way too much time playing around with my Print Shop program....

And finally, I've actually been stitching yesterday and today on a CQ block for our Flower Fairies Round Robin. I should have progress - well, the whole 6" block, that is - to show in a couple days. Stay tuned.



  1. That little purse is quite a find. Way to go.

  2. Hello Cathy, Your vintage looking apron is lovely. The lace really add to it allot. The found needleart purse is devine and for only $2.99 what a steal. Lucky you to rescue it.

    I have made Dorset Buttons and have posted pics on my blog. Inspired by the CQMagOnline. Hugs Judy

  3. Cathy... this pink one is my absolute fave! So pretty and feminine... love it! Wonderful purse... am definitely looking forward to finding out some storage solutions! Hugs.

  4. I love the purse, it's very pretty. The aprons that you are making are very nice. I love all the different designs that you have created. I'm sure they will do well for you.

  5. Your aprons are all unique - I envy your creative skills! That tapestry purse was a steal - they turn up in opshops here, and usually have a price tag of over $10.

  6. Hi, Cathy...I love the little girl apron it is ver niffty.
    The purse is out of this world really with the embroidered design. I love it a lot.You sure were lucky with that purchase.

  7. That pink apron is absolutely adorable!!!! Are you selling these?

  8. Thanks for stopping by. I am back in circulation again after a very busy summer and a hectic schedule. I can finally relax a little and get caught up on my blogging and my friends. Great to see you again.

  9. Awesome purse find. I am so excited about possibly meeting you in 2011 at the "CQ Gathering" in MI. I have you are looking out a window in the pink house..(blog post)

  10. Cute new apron and love the great find in that purse. I just love finding things like that.


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