Monday, July 27, 2009

CQ'ed Swap Tin & Thrift Finds

Last week I received a great package in the mail from Italy. It was from Simona T, who made me a lovely crazy-quilted tin for our Tin Swap at the Yahoo group, Crazy Quilting International. It is so lovely that I'll have to show you a picture and let it speak for itself.

Simona had even made a perfectly-fitting pin cushion, and included a lovely beaded hatpin, too. It is so gorgeous, I can hardly believe my luck!! And to top it off, Simona generously included some other goodies.

I can't wait to use that ribbon! And isn't the box so cheery and cute? I was just smiling all day! :-) Thanks so much dear Simona!

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On Friday, we had our annual state holiday, Pioneer Day. In Utah, it commemorates the founding of the State by the original pioneers. At any rate, I had it off, but DH had to work (that happens when you work for a national company that doesn't recognize state holidays). So, I had to occupy myself until he got home. And I decided that meant a visit to the newly-expanded thrift store that is a couple miles away. I mean, I couldn't sit around the house and pine away, right??? LOL

Check out these vintage linens and lace items I found. There was a half a rack full of them, but some were way overpriced (for the quality), or were stained, or poorly stitched. I selected those I felt to be "cream of the crop".

OOOh - the mail just came, so I'm off to my studio .... got some tiny ribbon flowers that I ordered from overseas, plus the new issue of Quilting Arts, which has some interesting articles on painted/beaded trees, fiber cuffs, and more goodies.....


  1. It looks like you just hit the jackpot...The tin Simona made is so gorgeous and your find from the Thrift Store is fantastic..hugs, Skye

  2. Hi,Cathy.....I love,love the crazy quilted tin.What a good idea to make something as nice as that. I do have quite few tins of different sizes. Something to think about. There I just learned something new. Nice vintage linens and lace.

  3. Gorgeous tin Simona sent you and the goodies are fantastic. Very nice. Love the vintage stuff you picked up too:)

  4. Hello Cathy, Love tin from Italy and love your vintage linens. Hugs Judy

  5. Wow! You scored big! That Simona knows how to put together a gift, it is all just beautiful. And I covet your linens!

  6. Cathy - you lucky girl! I just love the tin that Simona made for you - it is so pretty!

    Great find on the linens!

  7. Hi Cathy... long time no blog to... I have been extremely busy! What a wonderful little tin... so delicate... and I love the pin cushion and hat pin too.... not to mention the extra little goodies... ahem, don't you think you have enough embellishment goodies and fabrics yet???!!! Also wanted to mention that it looks like the retreat was wonderful and you had a blast! All your pics made it look like it was "the place to be"... thanks for sharing. Hugs.

  8. Hi Cathy! I ran across your blog today...LOVE the tin and after surfing around I see you've made some lovely ones as well! Your work is incredible!! Ever think about doing a tutorial for them?

  9. That tin is amazing! I would love to learn how to do something like this!

  10. Simona's tin is GORGEOUS -- and you'd have to lock up that birdhouse embroidered towel if I lived anywhere nearby....


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