Monday, October 6, 2008

Some Autumn Decorations

Autumn is my favorite season - he change in the air, the angle of the sun. I love crisp evenings with the smell of woodsmoke, the leaves changing colors, and the nesting instinct that seems to drive the animals and US to begin laying-in for winter. But I begin celebrations in the month of September by whipping out autumn-themed decorations and linens. I snapped a few pictures a couple weeks ago as I decorated....

This stitchery sits out year-round. It was done by my friend Terri. My hubby Bruce and her hubby Mike (and my friend Diane's husband Rob) are all in a folk trio named The Muddy Gutter Boys. They've been together since high school - over 40 years. They play regularly for church groups, retirement homes, parties, local events, etc. Rob is represented by the bass, which he plays; Mike is the banjo, and Bruce (my DH) is the guitar.

The autumn quilt from a couple posts ago hangs above this fragrant bowl of autumn potpourri.

This is part of our vitrine (vintage china cabinet) and the wall to the right. The angle of this photo makes everything look spaced out wierd, but it's really not...

This vintage sideboard matches the vitrine. This is the small sideboard (my ex-husband got the large one and we sold the formal dining set that matched). It's in our entryway. The set is 1860's, from the Dutch lowlands.

Closer shot of sideboard top. The candles go bye-bye after Halloween and are replaced with Thanksgiving-themed decorations. Isn't the embroidered runner nice? Next up is a closer shot of that. It was made by my great grandmother and I have a whole set that I put out every fall.

In a day or two I'll post pictures of a piece of CQ that I just finished. It was an autumn block that I made into a cushion with materials provided by Evening Star Designs. They just had a Harvest Challenge contest, and provided some fabrics, threads, trim and beads (plus you could add your own things). I LOVE how my cushion turned out. Today, October 6, was the deadline to get our entries in. I emailed all my pictures off this morning as required, and now we just wait until they make their decisions. Win or lose, I had a ball with this project..... pictures in a couple days.

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  1. Nice job on the decorations. The Autumn quilt is beautiful. Is it cooling down there yet? I bet the color in the canyons is just breath-taking by now. Ahhhhh, I miss that!

    Take care.


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