Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Couple Fall-ish Things to Share

I've been busy working on an autumn-themed piece that will be made into a pillow. More accurately, it HAS been made into a pillow, but now I'm re-working ("tweaking") some of the motifs and arrangements.

So in the interest of providing everyone with their Recommended Daily Allowance of Eye Candy (LOL), I'll just post pictures of a couple areas that will remain pretty much the same
(rather than pictures of the entire piece, which has been reverted to "work in process").

This pumpkin was made by felting wool roving on a background of gold dupioni silk. The wool fibers were orange and deep gold. The stem was felted with a couple shades of green. I used my Embellisher, which I've been having some fun with lately. The leaves were given to me by my friend Janet as a gracious gift when we attended the Crazy Quilting International retreat in Denver last month. The little curled "vine" is florist wire that was wound around a needle. I think I may still add a bit of a stitched vine in and around the leaves....

This is the top part of the pillow. I wanted to show one of my favorite seam treatments, which is extending the leaf print fabric with silk ribbon embroidery. I've done this before, in fact, I used this exact fabric and technique in the quilt block I submitted to Quilting Arts Magazine. It won a spot for the month of November in the QA 2002 Calendar.

The sequin flowers (in brown) along the curved lace on the left were cut from an expensive trim I purchased at Allyn's, a wonderful dress shop in Denver (and CQ Heaven) last month. My spider web on the left is uninhabited. I love to do the webs, but am not overly crazy about spiders., real or stitched. Besides, how often have you marveled at a web and NOT seen any spider in residence? (A lot, I bet. I rest my case). Besides, doesn't the CQ legend refer to spiderwebs and not spiders????

You can disregard the rest of the picture! Those flowers underneath are being rearranged and added to a bit; more leaves and a wonderful experimental flower that I'll share a bit later.


  1. Love your leaf extension, and your pumpkin. I don't see why you have to put a spider in if you don't want to. I always do, but, then, I love spiders! They eat all the things that bite me and make me itch. =)

  2. Hello Cathy, I absolutely LOVE your weeeeee felted pumpkin. Great job and I think it looks fantastic on your CQ.. Hugs Judy

  3. I agree with Susan, you don't have to put a spider in your spiderwebs. You could put an elephant in there if you wanted to! Isn't that part of the beauty of CQ? I do like spiders, in theory; don't necessarily want one sitting on my shoulder (it's happened). But they are the fiber artists of the animal kingdom, so when I make a web, it's always inhabited.
    I'm glad you found a use for some of the leaves!


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