Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Sewing Life

Winter at Wheeler Farm (a block from our house)
My winter (for the first six weeks or so of the year) consists of waking up, feeding cats, doing some chores, sewing, meals, running errands - as weather permits), sewing some more, playing/reading on the computer, watching Netflix now and then, sewing and going to bed. Rinse and repeat. It always seems dark and cold (or occasionally light and cold). It’s effectively my HIBERNATION period. I do my best not to go mad. Thank heavens I don’t live in Alaska; I wouldn’t last the winter.....

This winter routine is usually broken when we take off to visit family in Arizona sometime in the first half of February. Usually it’s warm there - south of Tucson, almost to the Mexican border. Shirt-sleeve weather, and gloriously sunny. Sometimes it’s as warm as the high 80’s (F), which feels wonderful. Once, a few years ago, it snowed twice the week we were there. That was not so fun.  I do take my sewing machine and/or some handwork (embroidery, crochet, etc). We do a lot of walking, visit the Tubac Arts Festival, visit family, just hang out and drink, nap or shop. Lots of cute shops there, but more about that when the time comes.

For now, let me just say that so far this winter, life is good. It helps having new things to look at since we just finished the living room remodel. The rest of our furniture should be here within 10 days or so. We did get a new big clock, but I’m still pondering the arrangement of Wall Stuff.  I really wanted numbers instead of Roman Numerals, and Bruce wanted a vintage map on the face. Neither one of us got what we wanted, but we compromised on this because we both liked it and it will go with our stuff nicely. Yes, pictures will come when it’s all done. Anyway, this weekend the laying of the hardwood floor down the hall and into the bedroom/study will start up.  I cannot tell you how much I love seeing the old carpet exit the premises.

4 Block Lotto January Heart Blocks

It’s no secret that I am a devout fan of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, sewing away diligently on my colored scraps each month. And I have plenty of other quilty projects to finish up and/or begin. Lots of variety. But this year I added in a new thing (which I have time for - I think -  since I closed my Etsy shop last summer). The Block Lotto. You’ve probably heard of it. Monthly blocks to make, or not, as you feel like it. Keep for yourself or donate. For every block donated, you get entered into the drawing to win the blocks. Whether I win or not, it will be a great way to use up my scraps. And we all know, the more we sew up our fabric, the more we can buy.  (Did I say that out loud?)

One final thing for this rather rambling post. Today Bruce and I had our weekly “Barnes and Noble Date”.  We go get coffee, read magazines, look at new books and music, etc etc.  I was looking at vinyl albums when I did a double-take. There on the cover was.... Bruce? No.... It was Neil Diamond. Long lost brothers? Judge for yourself....

Left: Neil            Right: Bruce
I’m rather fond of both of them...........

Cathy maroon


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Be still my heart - Neil Diamond has been a favourite of mine since forever! Lucky you to be married to his twin!! Looking forward to seeing your latest reno pictures - and I'm with you on wanting rid of carpet. Alas, we're stuck with it in the apartment - and I hate it. If we were rich enough we would be welcome to replace it but there's only so much money we want to sink into a rental.

Lady Jane said...

I haven't visited in a while but wanted to drop in and wish you a happy new year. Wish I was off to AZ. to visit my bro. He lives in Tucson and has taken me to Tubac. It is such a neat place. I love AZ and I think the best place he has taken me was Sedona. Enjoy your visit, hope it is warm and you really are addicted to your sewing machine, lol... Waiting for pics of your space. Hugs, LJ

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yah..those two look a little alike! When my daughter was little she thought Terry's brother was Randy Owen (the group Alabama). The looked identical...really identical. Squinty eyes and all.

I look forward to a recount of your visit south and seeing what new Mexican planter you find. It's good to have a break like that from the cold. Corey has a friend visiting here from Idaho. He comes here once a month to train for a week at the gym they go to. It took him a day longer to get here because of the snow out west. Glad he didn't bring it with him.

My time after the holidays is spent much like yours...I'm pressing myself to find more sewing time. I'd do more if the machine was in the living room with Terry. He feels lonely being alone. Even his dog abandons him to sleep on the bed in this cold weather, lol.
xx, CArol

claudia said...

I can't wait until I can redo the floors in this house! Who ever puts carpet on the floors of a house in the middle of five acres? Even if I didn't have all the critters, there would still be dirt, it's kind of hard to avoid when you are in the middle of all the dirt that comes with land!
I am doing relatively well this winter. Last winter I was ready to pack it all in, sell my place and head for "home." I was so depressed! Things turned around thank Heaven. I like it better here now, I think I will stay. Besides going back "home" would be depressing...I can't afford to live there!

Sally Trude said...

Those hearts look like a lot of fun. And I hope you find the sun you're looking for...although the weather seems pretty topsy turvy this year. We just had our first bit of snow but it will have bookends of days in the 60s.