Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Christmas Quilt Done

About two or three weeks ago I finished another quilt for the grandkids for Christmas. This is the second (and final) quilt for the toddler boys. It will be given to Bruce`s grandson Deacon (4 ½ years old).  He loves the planets, moon, solar system, etc. He even has a glow-in-the dark moon in his bedroom.

This quilt measures 54 x 56”, if I remember correctly. The pattern was supposed to be square, but I have a thing about square quilts (I think they’re dumb), so I lengthened it by a couple inches.  

Isn’t this picture cool with all the colored leaves around??

The center circle is appliqued onto the four colored blocks. I had planned to just piece the curves, and the pattern called for reverse applique, but I ended up just doing it this way. Actually, after the color blocks, I just pretty much did what I wanted and disregarded the pattern altogether.

The two planetary fabrics and the binding stripe are from the same line; the rest is stuff from my stash. The center was quilted along those orbit lines in the print. I did some outlining in the color blocks with a few other lines and angles thrown in. The borders were free-motioned, and I even stitched Deacon’s name (see below).

The back side is Minky, and I think the planets and orbits stitching looks cool on it. But then, it doesn’t take much to excite me!

I have been working on London`s quilt, which will just be some basic strip piecing. But I hate it. Well, I hate a couple of the prints in it and need to do some frogging (rippit, rippit).  

My focus for the rest of this week is getting things photographed and listed in my Etsy shop. I have hundreds of vintage sewing patterns that are pushing me out of my studio and storage, so expect to see lots more of those in the next couple months. And I have lots of vintage fabric and linens that I have finally begun taking pictures of for listing.  And vintage sheets - binsful! They`re all washed and color sorted and waiting to be cut up, photographed and listed. And lots and lots of vintage trims…..Oh my. If I could just have a solid 60 hour week of doing nothing but working on my Etsy (or if I had some help!!), I could make a dent in this stuff!!

But next week I get back to sewing quilts (London`s and two others to finish), plus a Christmas quilt I want to do. And then two crazy quilted Christmas stockings, four makeup zip bags and five clasp purses. Easy Peasy. HA!!!

Where are those darn elves when you need them?!?


Cathy maroon


Katy Cameron said...

Well if I'd know all you needed to get a quilt from you was glow in the dark moons on your ceiling, I'd have told you about my glow in the dark sheep and penguins :oD

Good luck with the list!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

My oldest grandson loved the planets too! Now he's into boxing. Who knew.

You are a busy beaver and oh so lucky to have little people to sew for!

Happy Thanksgiving.
xx, Carol

Stacie said...

Love the quilt, how fun! Deacon is sure to love it!
One of these days I'll get back to my sewing machine and quilting too... sigh.... if you find those elves send one or two my way please!

Lorraine said...

Deacon will love cozying up with his minky backed quilt! Sounds like you are very busy girlfriend.

Cat said...

Deacon will be delighted I am sure!
Terrific planetary quilt! Who follows a pattern anyways? (I know crazy quilters don't)
Looking forward to seeing London's quilt. Strip quilts are my favorite favorite!
Will go check out your etsy shop!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. :) Cat

Quiltalicious said...

Your planetary quilt is amazing - and I agree, square quilts just aren't very useful, are they? I love that you lengthened yours. Great job!


Candy said...

Really cool! What a great way to send the grandkids into orbit!
Blessings ;-)

FredaB said...

Absolutely wonderful. Any little boy (or girl) would love this. The colors are great. Some little boy is going to be very happen when he wraps himself in that on Christmas night.



Colleen Anderson said...

Cathy...oh my! What a lot of projects you have planned for this season! Very impressive my dear!

Love the planet quilt by the way! Cute...

Colleen Anderson