Monday, February 13, 2012

TAST Week 6 - Chevron Stitch

Hi All - I just wanted to post my Chevron Stitch for the Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge. This time, as usual, there are no elaborate variations, just one simple seam treatment. I am working these stitches on my CQ Journal Project block for February, which is almost done.

So, here is my Chevron.

It will look better when I show you the entire block. The blocks I am doing are primarily black with stitches in the colors represented in the floral needlepoint piece they will be surrounding.  I believe that keeping these blocks limited to colorful seam treatments will complement the needlepoint without upstaging it. As if.

The new TAST stitch is the Detached Chain, and I will use it in the final seam of the block and get my block posted later this week.  That will give me the rest of the month to work on finishing up my red, green and black journal cover and doing a 4” round “Snowball” for Connie in our CQI “Snowball” Fight, Swap.  :-)

Cathy maroon