Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playing with Snowballs

On the Crazy Quilting International group, many of us are exchanging “Snowballs”. They are round (in this case, about the size of a standard compact disc) pieces of friendship. Connie and I are throwing Snowballs at each other this month.

I haven’t stitched it yet, but it is pieced.  What’s the rush, eh? There are 29 days this month, LOL!!  :-)

Connie requested colors of cream, gold, bronze and copper, so I think these colors will work well.  My cousin Manya also stitched one for Connie earlier, and you can see that on her blog here.  And yes, you will see some similar fabrics (family secret?!?  LOL)   Of course, Manya is a tough (make that impossible!) act to follow in the stitching department. But dear Connie is certainly worth the effort!

Cathy maroon


Mánya said...

This is going to be a gorgeous snowball, dear Cousin! The fabric with the golden circles is sooo lovely :-) Hmmm... I wonder where I got it from... It must be one that runs in the family LOL

Suztats said...

Nice fabrics, and I know it'll be gorgeous when it's done!

Labor Posters said...

Great snowball fabrics and i know when it's done it will nice and clean!

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

Will look forward to seeing what you do with this. So wonderful that both Manya and yourself have an interest in stitching.

Susan Elliott said...

This is such a fun idea! And I just visited Manya's and it's beautiful! I really love this shape. Better than a heart I think...And all the curves are divine.