Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two More Aprons

I've gotten two more aprons done, so I'm nearly keeping up with my goal of one per day this week (Monday thru Saturday) and then 3 on Sunday for a total of 9 by Sunday night. This morning at work we had a few issues with one of our software programs, so I was on the phone with the techs (who did a patch and uploaded it to us) and ended up staying longer at work than I intended. When I got home, DH was there, home sick from work. And then my dentist appointment. Checkup & cleaning went well; no cavities or issues. Yessss.....

So, here is the Monday apron.

The print is a country/primitive print of snowmen with hearts and buttons and stars in the spaces between the "pictures" on the print. I imitated the shabby stitched-on look by adding a little blue heart and some buttons on the bodice pocket, and a button on each of the skirt pockets.

Tuesday's apron uses a black bib and a Mary Englebreit print of teapots. The dress I put on the dressform for under these aprons is an oriental-style silk dress from the sixties. Needs ironing, but for now looks better than nothing. I will get this right before I begin attempting to sell aprons on Etsy.....
Again, the 18" waist on this dressform makes the bodice and everything look rather funky. I may have to "pad" Miss Victoria before letting her model 21-century styles....

And here I am, blogging, when I could be watching Game 6 of the World Series. All I can say is that the Phillies better win so that there's a Game 7 and maybe I'll be caught up on my aprons. For now, I'm off to stitch for an hour (maybe finish Wednesday's apron and be caught up?) before cracking open my copy of Judith Baker Montano's new book "Fiberart Montages".

Talk to you in a day or two!


Maggie R said...

Hi there..
I always enjoy my visit here.. I can't remember if you are the Cathy that visited me for my celebration draw!! if not6 come on over..
Thanks for the inspiration.
Please take time out to pop over to my blog and enter my give away to celebrate my Bloboversary

Heather said...

Another two winners! Hugs.

Cat said...

I am enjoying these aprons! They are great! You have been a busy girl! L/C