Tuesday, November 24, 2009

National "Tie One On" Day

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 25th of November, is National Tie One On Day. The "tie one on" refers to an apron, of course!

The idea behind NTOOD is that we should take the opportunity to put together a little baked good (either homemade or store bought) and wrap it in something reusable (think green!) and give it to someone in need, or someone less fortunate than ourselves. Or just give it to a friend to let them know you are thinking about them.

EllynAnne Giesel, author of The Apron Book and The Kitchen Linens Book (two of my "bibles", LOL) started this tradition. You can read more about it on her Apron Memories Blog. If you scroll back a few posts, you can see EllynAnne meeting with friends to prepare her deliveries, and she shares some fantastic recipes (the Lemon Bread is something I must try!)

So, I've got some whole wheat bread mixing in my bread machine (I pull it out at the dough's final rise stage to separate it into two traditional loaves). This time, though, I'll make a batch of rolls for Thanksgiving for us, and one loaf to give to a friend of mine whose husband is unemployed. They're facing a lean Holiday Season, and I know she loves aprons, too. So I'll give her the loaf of bread wrapped in an apron, with a note tucked in the apron pocket, to tell her how special she is to me.

I should've talked more about National Tie One On Day over the last month, because I think it is such a wonderful idea. I'd like to encourage you - either tomorrow or sometime during the Holiday Season - to share a simple gift with someone less fortunate than you. Whether that gift is edible, wrappable, new or used, or just a simple note or hug, it may be just the thing to lift that person's spirit!!



Margaret said...

Lovely Flower Fairy block, Cathy. I especially love the tree and the silk at the base. The whole effect of the block is so very pleasing!! Happy Thanksgiving!