Saturday, April 8, 2023

Maybe Spring is Really Coming!

Our weather forecast (10-day) here in the Salt Lake Valley has no snow in it! As of Tuesday last week (an incredibly snowy day and our Weight Watchers meeting was cancelled), we broke the all-time snowpack record for the state. It would be an understatement to say I’ve got cabin fever. I’ve been using any excuse I can to get out of the house over the last two clear and sunny days.  We need more bananas? Hey, I’ll run to the store!  I should check to see if I have enough self-tanning lotion for the season. What - not enough? Ok, I’ll hit the drugstore. My underthings are sure getting baggy. Maybe I should head to the mall and shop for new ones! (Note: any other time besides this never-ending winter, shopping for underthings is akin to being waterboarded). 

On Thursday, I did walk to Wheeler Farm, a block away, so I could get some pictures of our snowy mountains and cloudless blue sky. 

There’s not that much snow here on the valley floor, but up in the mountains there is so much that in the Park City/Heber Valley areas, many people have snow up to the eaves of their houses - and no view except snow out their windows (how claustrophobic that would be!) And many structures and roofs have collapsed.

The Great Salt Lake has already risen 8 inches from its record-low levels just from direct precipitation into it. Reservoirs are filling up. And the spring melt and runoff hasn’t even started! We’re hoping it’s a gradual warming over three months, but we already have a couple days next week forecast in the high 60’s and Tuesday is supposed to get to 70! However, the rain showers return later in the week. 

I did spend some time in my studio this week, even though I was really good at finding excuses to not be there. My first and only accomplishment for Purple April for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge was to get my Four-in-Nine blocks sewn. 

Two with a dark gray constant … 

And four with a navy-colored constant …

And it took Miss-Ants-in-her-Pants (me) four sessions to quilt and bind the jewel-toned jelly roll race quilt. I opted for a sort of water-ish motif. Here’s a closeup of some of the (less than stellar) quilting. 

The finished quilt measures 54x62”. I’m going to keep this one.

And here is the back. 

In the next week I’ll work on lots of purple RSC blocks, assemble and pin baste the latest elephants quilt, and the three other quilts waiting patiently in line to be basted. But today - I’m going out into the yard to prune my roses and the blackberry bush. Sunday is Easter and I’ll be roasting a turkey breast for us and DS Shane and DGD London, who are joining us for dinner. It’s going to be a great weekend. I hope yours is too!


  1. I know this won't be a popular opinion, but I love rain and snow! That's why I live in Seattle and you in salt lake, yes? Though I agree this winter seems particularly long, maybe because of the pandemic, we are all very traumatized at having to stay in for extended periods of time.
    Good news that the reservoirs are filling up again though! hopefully the run off wlil be gradual and there will not be any flooding or landslides. Your quilts are lovely as always, how do you manage to get so much done?

  2. We rarely ever get snow like once every few years & gone by the time the sun comes up good lol luv you start on the purple blocks,congrats on the finished quilts!

  3. I know that "I've got to get out of the house" feeling all too well, Cathy! Looks like you had a pretty walk, even with all the snow around. Your jelly roll quilt is so pretty! Love the backing and quilting, too. Happy Easter!

  4. Turkey for Easter?! It's a ham or lamb holiday for us. Nice PURPLE scrap start for this month's RSC, Cathy! Pedal to the metal this week, but first, enjoy your visitors tomorrow. Congrats on your latest completed quilt and it's SEW good to hear that you are actually keeping this one for yourself! A rare occurrence in your world, isn't it?

  5. Wow, you live in a beautiful place, and to be so close to walking in such a gorgeous area, lucky you!

    I love your jelly roll race quilt. It is so pretty and the bright backing is just wonderful. I always look forward to your posts and I’m so inspired by all your RSC blocks and QFK quilts. Happy stitching!

  6. It's one thing to have the excuse to hunker down in the studio in January and February, but by March cabin fever is begging for an exodus. However, from my vantage point your snowy scenery looks lovely. The hardest part is the first step and you have done that by completing several 4-9 patch combos. Congratulations.

  7. Love your beautiful snowy photos, Cathy. I think I’ve probably said before I’m not a fan of snow but photos of it are super. Hope the thaw goes steadily and well, a worry I’m sure. Feast to famine? Or Oberhausen the other way round when you go from drought worries to a huge influx of snow melt. And you’re able to buy new underwear to fit your new glamorous shape - Go Cathy! Great purple blocks ( I’m still working on green!) and the finished Jelly Roll quilt is great. Glad you have decided to keep it for yourself. Well done!

  8. Sorry, “perhaps”, not the weird word that appeared in my longer comment!

  9. I had to LOL at your underthings comment! I hope you made or will make a trip to the mall soon! Love photos of your recent walk. Wishing you a Happy Easter and a pleasant day with Shane and London! We’ve been invited next door, since we and they are alone this weekend. We’re having tacos! Who says you have to have ham and all the trimmings?

  10. All that moisture is sure a blessing - for us in SD too. But like you we hope the melting continues slowly. Our snow is mostly gone this week except for where it was piled up or in the shade. This winter has helped the drought conditions. Those 4 in 9 blocks look really sharp.

  11. I've heard/read several stories about the shrinking Great Salt Lake. Though this year's precip won't alleviate decades of overuse, replenishing will be welcome. I have a clothes-shopping trip in the near future, too.

  12. I was thinking that if hot weather hits in a hurry there will be massive amounts of flooding - another scary thought. We had several days of record-breaking heat a couple of weeks ago but then the temps dropped back down to more seasonal. They (you know...the infamous 'they' who seemingly know it all) are predicting an extremely hot summer here.
    I'm with you in the under-gauchies shopping trauma - hate it. Mind you, I hate pretty much any shopping so there's that.


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