Saturday, July 2, 2022

Hiding From the Heat

This past week was hot as Hell, probably literally. Most days were in the nineties (F), with at least one day hitting 100 degrees. The yardwork now gets done early in the morning or it isn’t done at all. But we’re all in this together, so it’s not like we’re the only ones with yellow-green lawn. The landscaping companies are booked through the year for xeriscape conversions. Ask me how I know. So nothing will change in our yard until 2023. 

But the scariest part is the weather forecast for this Independence Day long weekend. Our temps will be in the nineties, breezes and gusts in the 25-35 mph range, and humidity down to 8-12%. All the mountains and foothills have fireworks bans, as do most of the parks and river parkways. But, there’s always *that person* who doesn’t follow the rules. So we’ll stay indoors on the 4th of July and try to keep our pets (and ourselves) calm.

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for July is purple. I started with the usual easy blocks first.

Two Antique Tile Blocks (12.5”)

Twelve Framed Nine-Patches (8.5”)

I also finished up my dark and bright blue Bear Paws from June before month end -  6 at 6.5” and 1 at 9”

And of course I had to finish up those two green and blue elephant quilts before month end! All six of my quilt finishes for June are in the “2022 Quilts” tab at the top of the blog. But let’s check out the ellies!

Both little quilts finished at 42x47”. They each have one blue and green floral elephant that matches the border. The rest of the elephant blocks are a mix of various blue and green critters. There is a 1.5” sashing between blocks and rows, and both quilts were quilted with a simple loopy design. 

Both backings are identical - that cheery green and blue fabric that I’m in love with, 

In fact, I love this fabric so much that I’ll be making pillowcases out of the (planned) leftover yardage! 

With all the devastating decisions that have been coming out of the Supreme Court these last couple weeks, our country seems headed in the wrong direction, courtesy of the Radical Right. Loss of women’s bodily autonomy (and a constitutional right) with the overturning of Roe v Wade. Blurring lines between the separation of church and state. Weakening the regulatory powers of the Environmental Protection Agency. I wish I could give proper attribution to the picture below, which sums up the views of what I believe is a majority of rational Americans. (If you know, please leave a comment).  

But I’ll leave you with a happy picture of one corner of our backyard that was bursting with blooms this week. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Those Ellie’s quilts are gorgeous. You also managed to sew a lot of blocks too, despite your intense heat. Enjoy hunkering down over your Independence Day weekend. Stay safe.

  2. I so hear you. I am a transplant to Canada so I keep tabs on the craziness to the south. Try to stay strong! Love your framed four patch and all that purple! Stay safe and sew on !

  3. It is so unbelievable isn't it? No wonder our statue is they want all republican electors...what else can they find to demolish in our democracy?? S I G H --

    Anyway..I love your little pretty and that backing fabric is just lovely!!
    Thundershowers and heat and humidity here today...take care and stay safe.
    Hugs Julierose

  4. I hadn’t heard about the other Supreme Court decisions because I was too busy cleaning ketchup from the walls.

  5. Your beautiful flowers will make anyone's week better! I'm as disturbed as you are by the direction some people want to take our country, Cathy, so disturbed. Meanwhile your sweet green and blue elephants are just so fun. Someone is going to really love those little quilts!

  6. Those two ellie quilts are so beautiful, who isn't love to receive, so happy and I love also the backing fabric. All your blue and purple blocks are looking good. I am also so sad with the US News this week, but here too we are ashamed with what is happining. Be strong!

  7. Oooh, those elephants, so cute. You have done a wonderful job with those two lovely quilts. As an outsider I wont comment on your political troubles, but way down here, we do wonder what's going on?

  8. Love love love your elephants!
    One of the reasons I've had a hard time posting on my blog lately is that I've just felt so much horror at what's happening - it's just been one gut-punch after another. I finally decided that if I wait until I'm not full of rage and despair, then I'll never get a post written again...

  9. It's refreshing to read something in a quilting blog post that isn't necessarily about quilting! Our country is in trouble right now. Hopefully we'll see our way through. Stay inside out of the heat and enjoy your quilting. The roses are beautiful! Our deer have eaten ours so I cut all the dead wood out and they have started over and are on their way to be more beautiful than before! Maybe that's what we need to do with our country right now - believe in the power of starting over :)

  10. The Ellie quilts are so cute. And lots of other lovelies in the works. The fireworks went on until almost 11 PM last night (local yo-yos, not a community show) and will likely happen again tonight and tomorrow. I feel sorry for the dogs and their owners and the vets with PTSD.
    These are indeed scary times, on so many levels.

  11. Hi Cathy! Hot as H - it has been here, too. Boo to fires - I get the charm of fireworks, when the weather is appropriate. There is always "that one person" everywhere. I'll pray that there is no fire. I am covering my eyes and shaking my head, too. Sometimes, taking a break from everything - news, politics, social media - is a nice diversion in itself. Your bear paws are fab as are the parade of elephants! Happy Independence Day to you. Stay safe and cool. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Some happy little people will just love your Ellie quilts.

  13. Your cool purples and blues are a nice contrast to the blazing heat. I share your outrage.

  14. Nice start on PURPLE month, Cathy! Stay in and keep on sewing!

  15. I think the whole world is in trouble and I really don't know what we can do about it. For my own sanity I'm refusing to watch the news anymore and just skim the headlines on the internet. That's quite enough for me to deal with. Thank goodness we have our sewing rooms to help us self-soothe.


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