Saturday, June 1, 2019

TGIJ - Thank Goodness it’s June

The ark we’re building is coming along nicely. Bruce has decided that a cubit is roughly equivalent to a rock (as in “whiskey on the rocks”) and we’ve been measuring our drinks with those in mind. Our ark(s) look suspiciously like our bicycles, however, and that’s probably a good thing. The weather is finally forecast for some days without rain this week. Looks like we may be pedaling instead of paddling in June.

This week was a crazy one again, and I am dead pooped. The Utah Shop Hop (quilt shop visits all up and down the Wasatch Front) has been going on, and I am the designated driver. Not because we drink (except coffee), but because Guy Smiley (our car; don’t ask) is much more youthful than Cousin Kim’s car (which is, sadly, nameless).  I have to show you a picture from one of the shops on the Shop Hop, the theme of which was Fairy Tales this year. This was a cute display at Little Red Riding Hood’s place.

It didn’t seem as crowded to us this year, and we only visited about half the shops we usually do (and that took two whole days). However, the bargains were good. One shop had FQs at 10/$20, another had them 6/$13.50 and still another had them for Buy 3 get 1 free (at $3.50 each, so that was 4/$10.50). Normally I don’t go wild with fat quarters, but since I’m looking for some fabrics to use on some of the collage quilts I’ll start working on soon, that worked out well. Plus, there’s always that one fabric you can’t resist, you know?

Also, last night we attended the first outdoor concert of the year at the amphitheater at Red Butte Gardens. I wanted to go last summer to see Jackson Browne, but he was scheduled there while I was in Africa). This time we went to see one of Bruce’s longtime favorites, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. And we got lucky; the rain held off until we got home (late).

It’s not a very good picture, and you can see some of the lights and smoke effects on the stage. But it was really fun and a great concert. Next time we’ll know to bring our own wine.

On the sewing front, I sewed up three new-to-me blocks, the International Sisters. These are the three I came up with. They are so easy and much larger than I anticipated (unfinished size is 10.5”, and they will be set on point like this):

The middle one is a Kaffe Fasset fabric, and the other two are from my (authentic) African fabric collection. I plan to make these in mostly (but not wholly) African fabrics for a quilt for myself. I also want to begin making these from some of the other African-like fabric that was generously given to me by my friend S (I need to ask her if it’s OK if I mention who she is and the generous gift she sent me). They will be used to make wall-hangings (back to back with some authentic African fabric from Kenya) to make double-sided African wall hangings as a funding source for Harambe Humanitarian.

I love these blocks so much!!

And, as always, I have to tally up my Rainbow Scrap Challenge for the month. I’m linking up (late) to Scrappy Saturday and also to Oh Scrap! on Sunday.

So, in addition to the three International Sisters blocks, I made all the blocks you see in the picture above. I’m not going to list them all because I know you don’t need to read all that. The blocks for May (sometimes a “block” is a row, a chunk) numbered 79.

I also finished two quilts in May (see my Quilts 2019 tab just below the blog header) and am about two thirds done quilting Good Fortune. I expect that will finish in the coming week and be my first finish of June. So now I’m gearing up for a Blue June (medium to dark shades). Bring on the scraps!

But first let me catch my breath and get a good night’s sleep.... AAAAAAND just as I go to post this, I hear the rain starting again....


  1. Lots of beautiful blocks in our May collection. I am tempted to try the Interntional Sisters. Bela Fleck is incredible! I didn't know he is still performing.

  2. Your International Sisters and all of your ORANGE blocks look fabulous, but the BEST news is that the rain held off so that you and Bruce could enjoy your concert. Congratulations!!!

  3. Another productive month and the fabrics in your International ladies are perfect. Much of the stormy weather has stayed south of us, but we've had clouds and gloom. Tomorrow's high will be only in the upper 50's, way below normal.

  4. Lovely month of May collection, Cathy. I love seeing how different people work RSC--some (busy beavers these!) are able to make a whole quilt/piece per month, but most get future quilts in line...I often wonder if they will stay in their specific monthly color range or all be rainbows...hugs, Julierose

  5. Your international sisters are beautiful. Being able to use your African fabrics is a wonderful use for them. And making them into charity items couldn’t be better. Keep up the good work!

  6. A box of cat toys is generous, while a box of fabric in just a pathetic excuse to acquire more fabric.



  7. So I first saw the thumbnail on design wall Monday at "Small Quilts and Doll Quilts" linky party. And my first reaction was - what??? Did my Orange sisters migrate to another blog??? And then I got here and realized they are not mine anymore - they are International and they will travel. Further, one look at your blocks makes it abundantly clear that you are having the best RSC party. I would be there too :-)

  8. Your African fabrics are perfect for the sisters blocks, Cathy! They definitely need something colorful, and even flamboyant! All of your orange blocks are fun to look at. We have finally dried out and warmed up here - hope you will get some of that this week, too.

  9. So much gorgeousness! Your International Sister’s Blocks make me smile. I’m so glad Preeti shared her design! You are using it for good works!

  10. Love that wolf granny in the bed!!!! What a great display! Your ladies look wonderful! So glad you are making those for you! :)

  11. Have to love that wolf! And when I see the International Sisters blocks I think what a sweet quilt they'd make for a little girl if they were done in 'girlie' colors. Alas, no girls in my family.


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