Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mellow Yellow

Summer has arrived here in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley, and other than one slightly smoggy day, it has been gorgeous. We even had rain one night, which is the best time for it in my book!  Bruce has run all the drip irrigation to my front flower pots and every one of them seems to be very happy.  :-)

I finished all my yellow block sewing this week. I still have a few odd sized small scraps which will get made into slabs next week and then into kennel quilts. But here are my yummy yellow blocks. For more yellow goodness, join us over at Angela’s for Scrappy Saturday!

First, sixteen 4.5” bowtie blocks:

 Next, two Geese Migration blocks:

Then, four 8.5” strip blocks:

When added to the four I did last year, I now have enough for two large (16”) strippy color blocks:

And finally, I made thirteen Friendship Star blocks. (Why do I always make an odd number?)

After making the first two, I wanted to play with the FS blocks so far and see how they looked together. This is only some of them, because I now have a total of 80 made. I don’t plan to mix the colors up like this unless it looks better once we add regular blue, orange and pink. I’m thinking more along the lines of waves of color..... but we will see.

The only progress on my crayon quilt this week was to get the top sewn together, the backing made and the binding cut. I haven’t basted it yet because I got sidetracked. On Tuesday night I attended the local church charity meeting. They were tying quilts (haven’t done that in years!), tying fleece blankets, and making sanitary pads for girls in Africa.

I agreed to take home three baby/youth quilts to quilt and bind. The colors that had been mixed together for tops and bottoms (dictated by what had been donated or what was left in her stash) were odd, so I added some of mine and was able to match up six quilts and batting. Three are quilted, and two of those are bound and finished. One more is basted and  I’ll finish it along with basting and finishing the other two early this week. They are whole-cloth cotton and flannel quilts, simple and sweet.  I’ll get pictures of the whole kit and kaboodle next week.

Last night was the family graduation party for my grandson Easton over at my son’s beautiful home. The evening was gorgeous and we ate the BBQ’ed hamburgers and hot dogs outdoors and had a great time. And some exciting news: some of us ladies in the family are going to Africa again next year. I missed this year because of Bruce’s arm surgeries, but we are planning a trip to Kenya in July of 2018. Besides working with the charities to help the young girls of Kenya, we will get to see the great animal migration from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the plains of the Masai Mara in Kenya (including a 3-day safari). Visiting Africa has been a life goal since I was a teenager. Now, I need to get serious  about losing some weight.

Cathy maroon


  1. I love all your blocks, but those friendship stars are my favorites!

  2. I also love all your blocks, but those bow ties with the text fabric are my favorite...(reminds me of my Irish hubster's talkin' hahaha) (Bow ties& wordiness--get it? g r o a n lol)
    Anyway--super job on all of them so sparkle-y hugs Julierose

  3. Cathy, what a trip that sounds like! Wow! I love your flowers, too! And between, lots of yellow goodness. Your Friendship Star quilt is going to be beautiful, no matter what layout you choose. Love the bowties - those are the blocks to work on this week.

  4. As usual, your blocks are amazing! I tucking the bowties with the black and white background into my "I really need to do that list." Congrats to Easton!! I have been on safari in Kenya and it was amazing! Now if you figure out how to lose the weight--let me know!

  5. So many beautiful yellow blocks. I have to try the geese migration block. The ribbon stars quilt is awesome. Yellow bow ties are so classy with the white and black background. You can never go wrong with strings - a great scrap buster.

  6. Lots of YELLOW scrappy goodness going on in your sewing room!!

  7. Your hubby is so helpful setting up your drips for the stunning pots. As usual, I'm exhausted just reading your progress, but love you for all you do, Cathy. I just now realized that the FS blocks are just HSTs. How large are the finished blocks. I love the scattered colors like a flower bouquet.

  8. Your front garden looks beautiful! I would have a big smile every day if I looked out over that! As always, your blocks look terrific; it's always fun watching your projects come together!

  9. Your front yard garden is beautiful! Love your blocks. Especially your friendship stars.

  10. What a nice variety of yellow. I love that fun teapot fabric.
    Those stars are gorgeous. I might have to make some one of these days if I remember that I want to make some.
    Nice to have irrigation. I have more pots than that on my deck and water by hand every day (sigh). And I also have to water the flower and veggies by hand too. (can you hear the boohoo and whining?)

  11. I guess I'll be visiting Africa too...through your blog. What a great life experience for you and sharing your gift too! Gosh your pots/planters look great. Life is good, isn't it!
    xx, Carol

  12. How exciting - a trip to Africa! Your yellow blocks are lovely as usual! So productive and 6 quilts! Wowser - I'm thinking you don't sleep at all! Great job on everything - you are so inspiring.

  13. Yellow isn't my most favourite colour but it looks great in your blocks. Looking forward to seeing your crayon quilt. Must be something in the air about losing weight - I heard today about several people losing by simply stopping eating bread and potatoes. Of course they are two of my favourite things, but I'm going to cut them out and see what happens.

  14. Your blocks together are fabulous!


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