Saturday, February 27, 2016

Brown, Baggin’ It

Hello!  This is the last Saturday of February, which means it’s time for me to wrap up my progress on BROWN scraps for the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Angela over at So Scrappy has the weekly roundup of progress, so if you have (or like to look at) scrappy goodness, why not join us for Scrappy Saturday?

As predicted, Brown Mama Cat had her litter of 12 kittens.  Here they are sewed up into a 24” square, as I did last month with blue.  Because I took several of these to sew on while on vacation, some of the ears got mixed up or turned pink. :-)

And this month, Mama cat had a kitten that looked JUST LIKE HER!   Heck, I could’ve done a whole litter of just that fabric....

Moving on, I also sewed up 10 16-patch brown squares (with black and white centers). They hardly made a dent in my brown 2.5” squares.....

And I was good and also finished my 12 6” brown squares for the RSC16 Sampler. I loved stitching these blocks. I read that Angela had some odd lengths when she finished hers, so I measured mine.  They are supposed to finish at approximately 72” (73” including seam allowances).....

Well, mine finished (see below) at 74” and 74.5”.  Mmmmmm..... my scant 1/4” seams must be too scant.  I will have to come up with some solution for them, hehehe.....

I used all browns, counting my creams as light brown. And you’ll notice that several of the fabrics have pink accents.

And speaking of light browns with pink accents, I decided to go ahead and pull my fabrics together that fit the bill, and made a soft dresden (on the pale pink background of course) to add to that collection. The doily in the middle is age stained, and I love it so much just as it is.  The center pink yo-yo needs some tweaking, and it plus the doily are just pinned on. I’ll be finishing that up today.

Here is a close-up of some of the fabric detail.....

My final brown block tally for February is: 12 sampler blocks, 1 Dresden, 12 kitten blocks, 1 mama cat block, 3 rail fence vintage sheet blocks, 10 16-patch blocks. Total is 39 blocks. I still have too many brown scraps; maybe I should have made some brown crumb slabs. But oh well. I am ready to move on to another color!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cathy maroon


  1. I love the Dresden with the center doily and yoyo! I've always disliked the
    large center circle of the dresden plate block. What a beautiful solution!
    I'm thinking I'm going to steal your idea for a Thanksgiving dresden table runner.
    You had a very productive scrap month! Keep quilting!

  2. What a productive BROWN month you have had!! SEW many blocks that I can't "seam" to decide on a favorite.

  3. I love your Dresden, such restful colours and beautiful fabrics. Fun cat family with so much more brown; I don't think I've ever had that much brown fabric. You certainly had a productive week!

  4. Typhoon, the foster kitten, likes your brown and beige cat with kittens very much. All of his sisters are gray and white tabbies, so he is very happy to see such handsome cats.

  5. Nice work! I love your litters of kitties - such a fun idea. And those Dresdens are so lovely with the doily centers.

  6. So many blocks, I don't know where to start! Love EVERYTHING about the Dresden! That doily is perfect!! You have been very busy! Congrats on getting some really beautiful blocks made!!

  7. You really did a lot with brown. The Dresden is lovely.

  8. The litter is the cat's meow! I love, love, love the Dresden.

  9. Beautiful scrappiness! I love your mama cat and kittens. I also enjoyed seeing your RSC sampler blocks together. I did not make all of January's blocks as I started the RSC late. After seeing yours, I want to go back and sew the January strip. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  10. So many lovely brown projects. The crocheted doily and yoyo centre on your Dresden plate make it look so vintage!

  11. Brown Mama Cat and her kittens are adorable!

  12. Wow, what a lot you've accomplished! I love the mama cat and kittens, and the Dresden plate is lovely. You did great!

  13. Beautiful work! I particularly love the dresden block.

  14. Beautiful dresden block!!!!!


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