Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sugar Block Club, Submissions Wanted and Fabric Diet

This year I am participating in the Sugar Block Club 3.0 with Amy of Stitchery Dickory Dock. I actually participated a couple years ago, but after the second month it got into territory that my skills (at the time) would not allow me to follow. I just cannot “grock” paper piecing.  But I had completed two blocks (and in time since had created two more). So, I was thrilled this year when I learned they are not paper pieced and that the whole program is FREE.  Check it out here.

This is my block for this month, which is a variation on the classic Churn Dash Block.

The blocks this year will all be variations of classic blocks.  And this is my plan for completing this quilt. Since I had four blocks made and will need 20 (all at 12” finished) for a quilt, I plan to do two blocks per month for January - August (16), which will give me my 20. One will be the SBC block and the second will be another block of my choosing.  This month I already did my personal choice block, a Dutchman’s Puzzle block with Flying Geese. I needed the warm-up with the geese.

The fabric I am using is primarily (but not solely) Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry. I love hot pink and orange together. Always have, always will.  The background fabrics will range from white to cream to print-on-white - just a mix. I need to get more variation going there to make it look intentional (because it wasn’t originally!!).  Anyway, this is what the six blocks look like together pinned on my design board.  

The finished quilt will have sashing of some kind, and I am thinking of doing something outrageous, like a hot pink or orange sashing.  But I may end up just doing white. We will see come August......

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pam Kellogg, Editor of Crazy Quilting Quarterly is calling for submissions for the SUMMER issue of CQQ.  You can find out about it HERE.  She is looking for crazy quilting work in summer themes like birds, birdhouses, butterflies, dragonflies, fruit (grapes, watermelon, cherries) cottages - anything that has a summer theme.  Pictures and tutorials welcome.  This is a picture of the February SPRING issue, which will be published on February 1. Don’t miss it!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And on a note of unfinished business,  my “fabric diet” totals for December were not nearly as impressive as November's. But in my defense, I had planned  (and even announced) that I wanted to take advantage of year-end sales to stock up on solids. And I did! Total fabric IN was 25 yards, Total fabric out was 24 yards, for a net gain of 1 yard.

Used in 2 quilts, 14.25 (doesn’t include a vintage sheet backing)
Used in 3 pillow shams/covers, 2.5 (doesn’t include scraps)
Sold on Etsy: 6.25
Given to niece: 1 yd

4 yards were for a quilt I will be making my son Shane
4 yards were background fabric for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt,
2 yards were binding (striped) fabrics,
8 yards were colored solids,
4 yards were Christmas fabrics
3 yards were white/black prints and other “must-have”s. You know how THAT goes.

Until next time,

Cathy maroon


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Cool quilt in progress. NO WHITE BINDING!! Unless of course you need to maintain that fabric diet and use something from your stash.

Happy New Year!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your new quilt is going to be so pretty. I like that you're using older patterns - they haven't withstood the test of time for no reason.