Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pincushions Done; Scratch one off that list!

In my last post, I outlined my ten goals for the 4th quarter of this year. I am participating in Andrea’s 2015 Finish Along and decided there was no time to waste in getting to that list.

Here are my four scrappy pincushions, which were #4 on that list.

Fronts. Can you tell I was trying to use up that black gingham??

Backs: I was also using scraps here.....
So, they are not the cutest pincushions ever created, LOL, but some have vintage buttons (they are going to family for Christmas) and the best thing - THEY ARE DONE!!   One down, nine more items on my list to go........

And here are some blocks that represent progress on my Farm Girl Quilt.  I have another couple to do for the quilt before beginning to piece the top together. But that is OK; I love this process of selecting and making the blocks. Still thinking I need a turkey and an apple core and/or half-cut apple.

Corn and Tomatoes II

Bumblebee. He still needs his antennae embroidered.

Woolly Sheep

And still more progress. I have sewn all 30 blocks (16” each) together on my Rainbow Orbs quilt. Right now it measures 80x96”, and as you can see from the pictures below, it already has the Feline Seal of Approval. That is very important you know.

Rainbow Orbs is resting while I finish my black needlepoint/CQ for a photo shoot. And then I will begin piecing the back for Orbs - you may remember it will be that Hoffman digital cityscape print, with color gradation around it. I am thinking I will bind the whole thing with some black and white stripe; you can never go wrong with a striped binding!  :-)

So, as you see, I have been busy. We are also finalizing our wills and trust with the attorney this week and next, so there is never a dull moment.

OH! I almost forgot! I have been so darn lucky these last couple weeks.  After the Quilt Adoption from a couple posts ago, dear Cynthia Brunz of Quilting is More Fun Than Housework notified me that I had won a pair of Gingher 9” scissors she was giving away for participating. Then, one morning last week I got an email from Angela of So Scrappy telling me that I had won the August bundle of hand-dyed fabrics from Vickie Welsh. An indigo bundle! (check out her amazing hand-dyed fabrics!!).  As if that was not enough, that very afternoon, I got a private message on my iPad from Meg Cox, Editor of Quilt Journalist Tells All and the President of the Quilt Alliance; I had won her monthly newsletter drawing. My prizes? A copy of the newly-released Spoonflower Handbook and a six-month subscription to Creative Bug.  I am just totally beside myself!!

Thanks to all the wonderful people I mentioned in the paragraph above! I linked to everyone so you could check out their wonderful services and products. The world of quilts and the people in it are just amazing.

So what I am going to do now?? QUICK!! I am going to buy a lottery ticket and enter Missouri Star’s birthday bash giveaway....  (just kidding; I will give you all a chance.......)


Cathy maroon


  1. You have been busy, Cathy! Cute pincushions and blocks!

  2. Congrats on all your lucky wins - it's such fun to get something in the mail besides junk and bills isn't it. Your pincushions are perfect for daily use. I have some that are simply too pretty to stick pins into and it's nice to have one that serves the purpose.

  3. Very nice work. love the farm theme.


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