Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mid-Year Update for Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I’m a few days late for this update, but I plan to link up to Andrea’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge Mid-year Update anyway.  It wasn’t until I attended our local modern quilt guild’s Sewing Saturday at Thimbles and Threads yesterday that I had a design board large enough to snap a picture of my finished-to-date rainbow blocks.

Since I took this picture, I have completed another red block, which makes 16 blocks total. I am still not loving that light blue block (bottom right corner in picture), but who knows..... I could always piece it into the backing.

Each of these large 16” blocks are comprised of four (8.5” before sewing together) smaller wonky log cabins. The negative space areas are strips cut from my ever-growing (instead of shrinking) collection of white and black fabrics. The finished quilt will be 5 blocks across and 5 up and down, or an 80x80” quilt. Unless I change it last minute to 5x6 blocks, 80x96”. I will test it on our queen bed when the flimsy is complete.

I am planning 2 more bright (not the dark) green blocks, a total of 5 reds (meaning two more to go there), one more each of yellow, pink and purple, and likely a couple oranges and/or another teal or two.  Since some of those color months are passed, I will work them in to my stitching schedule for August and September and perhaps October. I would like to have this (professionally) quilted before the waiting times get too long for the Holidays. I can bind it easily in a day or two in time for an end-of-the year finish.

My stash scrap has actually grown, not decreased this year. That is because I`m doing so much more (buying and) sewing and quilting and re-defining what I call a scrap. Sometimes it is anything less than a fat quarter, but sometimes I have been throwing some of my older FUGLY pieces into the scrap category just to get rid of them.  So, I am going to do what the big girls do next year - have several block styles to make up each month of the monthly color.  The block styles will eventually help me make up those “Bucket List” quilts I want to accomplish some day - like Dresden Plates, Stars of various types, Bow Ties, etc etc.   But I have time to plan that before the new year.

That is it for me - and thanks for visiting!  Why not join us in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge?!?

Cathy maroon


  1. Seeing your Rainbow on the design wall is really impressive! Too bad that light blue doesn't show up better, but I'm sure you will use it somehow.
    xx, Carol

  2. This is going to be so pretty! I'm with you about the light blue, though; it sort of fades into the negative space.

  3. Each block is so nice on its own, but the full effect on the design wall is amazing. This is going to be an incredible quilt.

  4. Love your blocks! I'm making rainbow Dresdens, and I think a couple of mine are too light for the rest, but I'll wait until I have them all to decide what to do with them.


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