Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Work in Process Wednesday; Progress but no Finishes

One of these days, I am going to write a post and show off a dozen finishes! HA! But that day is not today.  :-)  But I do have a few bazillion  projects I am working on. And since the weather here continues to be cloudy and rainy for the 3rd week, and working outdoors is not going to happen soon (in fact, I may have to move it from my To Do List to my Bucket List), here is a progress report on some of my stitchy, quilty goals.

Starting with the oldest project, this is a vintage needlepoint I bought at an estate sale, onto which I am adding 12 crazy quilt blocks.  Those blocks were part of a 2012 Crazy Quilt Journal Project, and I just finished stitching the final block this week.  Yeah, I know!  But at least I am still in the same decade..... LOL.

Now 8 of the 12 blocks have been added, and the final four will go on this week.  Then I will fill in any remaining bare spots with some stitching, stabilize it, add trim around the center and then back and bind it. It will be done by month end, come hell or high water..... and the high water is no laughing matter around here.

Next up is the Bright Banjos for Bruce using the Pow Wow Pattern from Cluck, Cluck, Sew. All the blocks are sewn into rose, and I only have 3 or 4 more rows to add.  Then baste, quilt, bind and viola!  Another hopeful finish for this month.  Excuse the wrinkle-y top. I have had it folded (and the cats have found it to be a lovely nap spot)

And then there are the ever-present wonky log cabin blocks. I have made 2 of three for this month, but I am likely not going to finish the 3rd until next week. And I have so many green scraps that I think I will start making some 16-patch quilt block to use some up.

If they look PARTICULARLY wonky, it is because they are laying on a pile of fabric scraps from yet another project..... making more fabric packs for my Etsy shop. Never enough hours in a day...

And finally, my Farm Girl blocks. As I mentioned last post (and you can see from the logo on the sidebar) I am participating in Lori Holt`s Farm Girl Vintage quilt-along. These blocks are the Baby Chick (from week 2) and Baking Day and Butter Churn from Week 3. I am loving these blocks and having a ball!!

Baby Chick

Baking Day (with some vintage Pyrex)

Butter Churn
That catches me up on my quilting and stitching news for now.  I have also planted all of my (12) Mexican Talavera pots with flowers for the front walkway. They are lovely, but I want to wait to get a picture until (1) it stops raining (2) it stops raining long enough for Bruce to mow the lawn and (3) it stops raining so I don’t rust. Or, it could just STOP RAINING!!!

Cathy maroon


  1. You can send a little of your rain in this direction if you like. We could use a couple of days of steady rain. Your projects are looking good (at least all that rain you're getting means you can stay inside and play with needle and threads!).

  2. Beautiful projects, fabulous use of color!

  3. I love that needlepoint CQ piece--wonderful idea --hugs, Julierose

  4. All your projects are wonderful, but I am so in love with the crazy quilt the most! It is coming along awesomely! Those colors speak volumes to me as I am sure they have you as you have worked on it. Such gorgeous colors to spark creativity.

  5. I would happily take a day or two of your rain! We keep having drizzles, but it has been such a dry winter I am dreading the water restrictions we will see in August.

    Your projects are all gorgeous, but I am SO excited about your CQJP 2012 blocks being done! What a gorgeous, gorgeous quilt in progress. (I need to finish mine from 2013 and 2014...)


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