Friday, January 11, 2013

Paris Round Robin Block for Wilma

In the Crazy Quilting International Yahoo group, I am participating in the “I Love Paris” round robin.  Today I finished a block for my friend Wilma from The Netherlands (whom we are hoping will be joining us in September for our 6th annual retreat!).

I stitched a perfume - er, Parfum - bottle, and embellished some lace that a prior stitcher had added.

The colors on this block are brown and black, with accents of gold, mustard through light yellow and tidbits of burgundy. It is very elegant, and the prints used in the block (pieced for her several years ago by a friend) suggest a Paris Fashion theme.  Hence, I did not do a bicycle with flowers filling the basket, LOL.

 Lower in the block I ruffled some ribbon and stitched on the letters for PARIS from sew-on “typewriter keys”. I think the colors are perfect, and they blend well with the Roaring Twenties theme in the fabrics.  I also added the lace fleur de lis and did the seam stitching of the burgundy chain with gold flowers.

This is Wilma’s block to date, and it will be mailed on to the next stitcher tomorrow. Dear Wilma, I hope you are liking it as much as I am!

Cathy maroon


  1. How many more rounds are there until they're done and you get yours back?

  2. Beautiful Block!!! One of these days I am going to make a crazy quilt. I have one block I did a couple of years ago towards it, lol. You do incredible work.

  3. how beautiful. I love the way you've embellished that lace.

  4. Great job Cathy! Love the typewriter keys...

  5. Sew on typewriter keys? Whoever knew.

    Beautiful block.



  6. Thanks for your lovely work Cathy!
    I just posted pictures of my work on your block, hope you like it!Hugs from Holland, WILMA

  7. It's a fabulous looking block - there were things I never have thought of doing on lace! Thanks for sharing close ups of this great round robin.

  8. Love the way this block is coming along.


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