Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Little Quilt

In between stitching for my round robins and the CQ Journal Project, I am trying to complete a half dozen quilts before Christmas. Sounds impressive, eh?  It isn’t really - these are small, very easy quilts.  The idea was to get me back into quilting with easy patterns for the grandkids’ quilts.

Bruce helping Hunter with Pumpkin

Hunter checks out our pumpkin patch

Cars and trucks Christmas quilt for Hunter

Detail view

Minky backing showing quilting

Below, I just love our orange front door, especially at this time of year when it makes a great backdrop for an autumn wreath!

I’ve started winterizing the yard, so most of the flowering annuals are gone and things are looking a bit bare.  The weather is still clear, gorgeous and warm during the days, but evenings are nippy.

The Japanese maple is also showing off for autumn.

The entryway looks so bare without all my flower-filled Mexican Talavera pots.  Well, I had to keep one there for another couple weeks . . .

Next time I am out in the garden, I will tackle this front flower bed.  I want to enjoy that delphinium as long as I can and pretend it’s still summer!

There are a lot of autumn themed laces in my Etsy shop.  Below I have just a sampling.  There are Christmas appliques and laces, too (we crafters like to get an early start).  Enjoy the fall colors, LOL!!

Cathy maroon


  1. Beautiful laces Kathy! Love the new quilt. I have one with minky on the back and it is so comfy! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Good luck with your quilt list, love the look of the minky backing on the cars one :o) Hopefully next weekend will help you on your way!

  3. All gorgeous! Your gardens look so nice for this time of year! lol. Mine are weedy and worn out!

    The car quilt is great, I'm sure he will love to cuddle in it! I did my first attempt at a minky back this morning on a baby quilt.

    Happy quilting!

  4. O Golly , your gardens look great. We are cutting back on the flowering area around the pond next year. Its just getting too much for us AND the boys still come by to do whatever yard work we want done, but I'm scared to let them weed!

    I bet you'll finish those quilts with plenty of time to spare.
    xx, Carol


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