Sunday, November 13, 2011

Victorian Stitchery Retreat - Part 2 of 2

Yesterday I told you about my classes and teachers, as well as showing you some pictures of our top-notch venue.  Today I would like to share with you some pictures of the incredible and creative eye candy which abounded. And of course, it was the sharing of both the teachers, organizers and participants that made it extra special.

I wish I had had the time, resources and necessary talent to capture everyone in a picture, but these will have to suffice. I am hoping that other ladies will share their pictures in their blogs as well.  So, without further ado, here come the pictures.

Show and Share, Tuesday Evening

Mae Vernon and her CQ
Detail of Mae`s clever sheep with hooks and eyes
Barbara Warner’s CQ with Grandmother’s vintage lace
Val Bothell and her CQ
Merrie Kay Roberts and her Boho Purse
Gerry Krueger with her Grandmother to Granddaughter CQ Block
Rhonda Perry with her CQ Teddy Bear 
Marsha Hines with her Fireplace Mantel Cover
Bonnie Hargrove, below, modeled her vest which was not only a hit at Show and Share, but also won First Place in the CQ Contest.  The theme this year was Wearables.  I have included some detail pictures for you. Alert: drool cloths are necessary!!

The Incomparable Bonnie Hargrove
Vest Back
Vest Left Front
Vest Right Front
Jane Teeter’s Kansas Tribute Collage
De Crow’s colorful CQ
Back side of GORGEOUS purse made by Andrea Hainkens
Marci Hainkel showed us a quilt that she made from Blocks of the Month she got from Anne’s Glory Box in Australia.  After completing the blocks, she chose a novel placement for them in the quilt.


More detail
Victoria Foley of KC shows “Buttons and Bows and Kiddos"
Pam Peugh and her incredible silk ribbon and CQ’ed landscape
Friends from The Old Days in Omaha - Cindy Gibson and Lydia Tolton
I tried hard to get pictures and names of everyone and everything, but fell short. It was particularly difficult to photograph things as they were passed around (sometimes the only way you could see something) and keep up with the action. My apologies to those I missed, for these pictures are only a small sampling of the incredible talent that was displayed.

Allie’s Class - Curved Piecing

Ingrid Gardiol and Pam Peugh work hard 
Marci Hainkel lit the class with her neon colors - and her sense of humor
Not photographed:  Jane Ann Slaine and Jackie Kiernan-Hale, both of KC, MO.  Sorry ladies, the pictures were blurry beyond recognition!

Merri Kay Roberts brought her Featherweight 
Gerry Krueger got lots of piecing done
Toni Jordan from Sacramento was working in reds and greens
Here is Suzanne Moore from Texas, oblivious to the camera!
Two of my favorite ladies, Bonnie Hargrove and Barbara Warner
Pam Woolbright is intent on her piecing
This is sweet Dorothy Densmoor
Lonna Hammond’s shirt is so cute!!
Meet Liz Rudder and her beautiful work. Would you believe she hates to piece? 

Miss Carole’s Class

Showing a template holder made for her
The outer box for the template holder
lovely stitching and an inscription
More lovely stitching
Correction:  The hearts below were DESIGNED by Miss Carole and beautifully stitched by the one and only Marci Hainkel.  My apologies for that missssssssnake!

One of Miss Carole`s hearts 
More of Miss Carole’s and Marci Hainkel`s work

Gerry’s Button Painting Class

Gerry had two button painting classes, one on Monday night and one on Thursday night.  Here are some of the ladies from the Thursday night class, hard at work:

L-R: Nark (Nancy Royer from Arkansas), Jennepher, Cindy and Freema
Gerry helps Barbara, while Susie Jarosz,  ? , Jane and Annie paint

Miss Carole’s Talk on Crazy Quilt Piecing

Candace Kling waves
Allie always has a cute smile!
Miss Carole gave a great talk with lots of visuals
Volunteers held up large boards
Each Block Style was shown and discussed
There was so much to learn!
Miss Carole has certainly done an incredible amount of research

What a fun time!  It was over way too soon.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Cathy maroon


  1. Thank you so much for sharing all the eye candy! It's also great to be able to actually put faces to the names we've heard about.

  2. OMG, wish I were there. Hard to pick a favorite so I won"t but I will say everytime I see a pic of Gerry K. I just get a great big smile..what fun! Debbie (Maine)

  3. Cathy, you did a fabulous job capturing every feature of the retreat.... I am sending everyone to you... Hugs Ger

  4. What fun you guys had and wonderful classes and people to stitch with! Thank you so much for sharing you retreat!

  5. Thank you, dear Kathy, for sharing all these photos! Ohhh, and aaaah and wow and sigh... I admit: I am soooo jealous... :)

  6. félicitations a toutes ces dames !!!!!!!!!!!! leurs ouvrages sont magnifiques !!!!!!!
    quel bonheur de se rencontrer <<<;;;;;;;;
    bisous tout le monde

  7. Wow, wow, and wow again! I'm speechless. Blessings

  8. Thank you for showing the so many pictures.

  9. Oh WOW Cathy - I have so much enjoyed looking at all those photos, even though I don't know any of the people (except you), but the work is absolutely sensational! I kept saying "oh! and ah!" with every photo, and as much as I liked them all, I think the CQ teddy bear and the silk ribbon landscape were my favourites.

  10. Thanks Cathy for such a great write up and photos of the retreat. We did have fun, didn't we.

  11. Dear, dear Cathy .... Thank you so much for taking the time while in Wichita to document everything and then share it with us. I have bookmarked the posts and will study all the photos again. You seem to have captured the "feeling" of the entire time. I'm so glad you had such a good trip!

  12. Thanks for sharing Cathy! Wish I could have been there.

  13. What a great report and photos, sure makes me want to go to more of these "retreats"! This one looks amazing with so many talented teachers.

  14. Looks and sounds like you had a great time at your retreat! Thank you for all the eye candy.....

  15. Such lovely projects, so many things to drool over, thanks for sharing!

  16. Thanks so much for posting all these photos. I left my camera at home, and was disappointed not to be able to take pictures. Now I can just look at yours.
    Happy stitching,

  17. Everything is so beautiful and it seems like you had such a great time there and have learned so much!

  18. I LOVED, LOVED,LOVED seeing all these photos Cathy! Thank you so much for sharing - I feel like I was there now!

  19. Hello Kathy WOW, what great photos of your retreat and all their very lovely creations. Thanks so much for sharing them all. It looks like you had the most fantastic time. Hugs Judy


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