Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer at the Farm

Summertime at Wheeler Farm, where I work part-time as a bookkeeper, is always a “happening” time.  Families come and visit in droves - who doesn’t love to see the animals?  Summer camp is going.  The lawns and newly-remodeled Activity Barn are in high demand for family reunions, weddings and receptions and parties of all kinds.  There are festivals, farmers’ markets, 5-K runs.  Whew!

And when our family comes to visit from out-of-state, the farm is a must-see for children and adults alike.  Recently Bruce’s daughter Emily with hubby Chad and our sweet grandchildren Deacon (3) and Abbie (1 1/2) visited.

Deacon, Emily, Chad & Abbie

Deacon wonders about the hole in the outhouse!

It’s fun looking at the cows ...

.... until the wind shifts...

Deacon walks like Grandpa

Monkey see, monkey do

Abbie and her dad check out the horses

Deacon likes the kids (baby goats)

Deacon threw a stick into the raging creek

The water level of the creek above (photo taken in the afternoon of June 30, 2011) was just a wee bit higher than the photo of the same place I took in the morning a year and three weeks earlier on June 8, 2010 (below).

Meet Norman, our new Jersey calf (a bull) born in June this year.  Isn’t he cute??

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
One of the ladies in CQI had to drop out of the English Garden II Round Robin (hope your hand feels better soon, Ritva!).  Since I was the “angel” for the RR, I will get to step in and finish a block for Cathy Labath.  These lovely blocks just arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and I am looking forward to stitching on one.  They are up on my design board now, and I am just waiting for them to talk to me!  :-)


Cathy maroon


  1. Cathy muy lindoslos niños, vives en un bello lugar, me gustó el tutorial de la flor, visítame.Besos.Olga.

  2. What a great day for the kids and adults alike! Happy stitching.

  3. Hi Cathyu! ust popped in to say Hi and see whatcha been doin. You have been very busy. That last postis 'Sew' Easy..Love those flowers and I never thoguth of that...I hate zippers..to sew into anything. I'm Zipper challenged, but those flowers would be done in a zip! Great Idea!

  4. Hey Cathy, long time no chat :-)... just wanted you to know that I still do visit once in a while, I just never seem to have time to leave comments for the few blogs I continue to visit... looks like you had such fun with your lovely family... I've been admiring all your recent works - ahem, and you lovely finds... Hugs.


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