Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wool Blocks

I recently was asked to fill in at Crazy Quilting International for member who had to withdraw from our Wool "DYB" (do your own block) Round Robin.  In that type of RR, we each piece six 6" blocks - in this case WOOL blocks, and send them around.  Each person completes one full block for each of the other participants.

These are my naked blocks.  I pieced three in red, green and purple, on which I've asked the ladies to do a Christmas theme.

The other three blocks are green and cream, with a requested theme of North Woods - Seasons (winter, spring, etc. in the woods/forest).  

Naked blocks aren't too exciting, but what IS exciting to me is that this is my first blog post using my new Mac computer and its iPhoto program.   I also have the new Photoshop Elements, but haven't learned that yet.  I was able to crop and enhance the photos from iPhoto.  However, before doing any real manipulating on them (like saving them with more dpi), I'll have to learn Elements.  Luckily, I've got 4 days off work and a new Photoshop book...


  1. Cathy I love your blocks for the wool DYB. I really like the second set they call to me. So are you going to be using the two set for different projects once done or are they somehow going to be combined? I cant wait to see them as they are embellished!


  2. Both of your themes should be easy and fun for the other gals to embroider. When will they return to you?


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