Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Mother's Easter Bunny

I don't decorate much for Easter, but one item that always comes out for a seasonal visit is the stuffed Easter Bunny that my mom had as a child. It's always nice to get her out, give her an airing and press her clothes. And I need to do a bit of mending on the dress before she goes back into "hibernation", LOL. This stiffly-stuffed bunny dates from the 1930's, I believe.
She's a lovely ol' thing, isn't she?? Poor bunny, doesn't even have a name. If my mom ever named it, she never shared it with me! And I never named it either....... hmmmm..... what's up with that? I name EVERYTHING (even my cars!) But I digress.....
Her clothes are layers of sheer organdy-like fabric. First is the flowered overdress. Then below that is a plain colored underskirt.

And below that, our Miss Bunny (must call her SOMETHING!) has lacy pantaloons. Ooh-la-la! Can't you imagine what fun this would be for a little girl to have and play with?

Can you tell she's been well loved?

Here is the back of the ensemble. The ribbon is a bit tattered, but it's still the original ribbon.

And her chic little lacy cap and pink eyes ......

Her expression is a bit severe, which was probably just How Bunnies Were back then. I might be mistaken, but I could swear I saw her smile last night after her dress was spruced up and she got her cuddle........



  1. Hi Cathy

    She is so precious and it is wonderful that you still have her. When my daughter was small I made her a Raggedy Ann doll and she loved that thing until the legs tattered and I couldn't repair her anymore. She is in her early 40's and still has her in a bag because of the stuffing coming out. I suggested I make new legs and she said no. She wants her like that for memories.

    She has 3 boys so there is no interest there for Miss Raggedy Ann.



  2. Cathy, what a precious treasure to have and pass down through the generations (providing the next generation is as sentimental as we are, VBG!). It is not many people who can say they actually have a toy their Mum owned. Lovely! I don't decorate much for most occasions either...Happy Easter...Hugs....Heather

  3. Hello Cathy, Your Vintage bunny is truly lovely. She is dressed in such a very lovely manner. I have never seen a bunny so beautiful. Happy Easter. Hugs Judy

  4. She is BEAUTIFUL !
    Rini the Netherlands

  5. What a precious bunny. You are very fortunate to have her and the memories that come with her.


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