Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Altered Bottles

Just wanted to post some pictures of altered bottles I did last week. I'm in the process of cleaning my studio after a boutique and gift-making frenzy, and thought I'd snap pictures of these before they get boxed up. I got the idea from Lilla who could make art out of anything!

The bottle on the left had some yukky handsoap in it (bought it at Big Lots for a song). Only the bottle appealed to me! The bottle on the right was a Worcestershire bottle....

This was an empty blue bottle I found at a thrift store. The labels are printed from vintage copyright-free images. It's decorated with metallic lace and trim, charms, organdy and feathers.... Bottle top (can't really see it) is old piece of jewelry.

The above heart bottle was a thrift store find, although I've seen them for sale in Michael's. I added the vintage image, feathers ribbon, etc. etc. DH stripped some wires down to the copper for me, and I inserted the wire into a wine cork (luckily, I've saved those, too, for who-knows-how-long) and twisted it. The top has a vintage clip-on earring added.


  1. These are really pretty and cheap to make too...the perfect type of gift in my mind. Well done!

  2. Wow Cathy, your altered bottles are so elegant!

    Thank you for your endorsement of my piece on Mind Wide Open - I am so touched. :o)

  3. Cathy, I just love what you've been working on. The bottles are so elegant! The pillows are to die for. Very nice.


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