Sunday, September 28, 2008

Healthy Hubby Home from Hospital

... and who says alliteration is dead?!? LOL

My dear hubby Bruce was finally released from the hospital this morning!! His first stay at the hospital lasted 2 1/2 days. Upon returning home, he relapsed and became very nauseated and dizzy (double vision) to the point where once again he couldn't keep even water down. So they re-admitted him for another 3 1/2 days. The double vision is caused by palsy - a paralyzed 6th cranial nerve on the right side that controls his eye. BUT, it's been improving the last several days, and other than that he's recovered and off IV's and all meds. So, he's home and healthy and happy, even if he looks like a pirate with his (temporary) eye patch!! Final diagnosis: some type of viral bug that they can't nail down. We'll never know what, exactly, because they don't waste time testing for the hundreds (if not thousands) of possibilities unless it becomes a public health issue.

So...... I have finally redecorated my home for Autumn, and will snap some pictures to share with you. I'm busy stitching on a block that I hope to make into a pillow and share with you this week, too.

Thanks, everyone for your kind words and wishes. I apologize for not responding personally over the last couple weeks, but between Bruce/hospital and two part-time jobs (one that just started and has an erratic training schedule), I've been run ragged. I'm hoping to settle back into our regular routine. Hope you all have a glorious autumn! (or spring if you're Down Under, LOL).

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