Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Final Cat and Kitten Quilt Done for this Year!

It’s official. I am done with all my planned Christmas quilts - all 9 or 10 of them. One person gets a choice between two quilts, so I did 10 knowing that I will have one left over for us.  :-) I plan to recap them all (even the Rainbow Scrap Flimsies I still have to quilt) on my next RSC post on Saturday.

But for now, I am linking up this Kitty quilt to my 2016 4th Quarter Finish Along Goals. This is #5 on my list which you can see here.

Like both of the other cat quilts, it finishes at 52x72” and has a Warm & Plush 100% cotton bat.

Here are all three kitty quilts together:

L-R:  For London, Abbie and Remington

And from our house, we wish you a Meowy Christmas!

Cathy maroon


Sally Trude said...

It is truly amazing how many cat quilts you made...well, I mean Mommies and their kitten quilts. I sure Alfie is expecting you to make male cat quilts next year. And I am wondering how you're going to top all of this next year.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my goodness - I obviously missed the fact that you did THREE kitty quilts!! You must be so happy to move on to other things.

Archie the wonder dog said...

They're all fabulous! Congratulations on the finish and thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts!