Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Crazy Quilting and Fabric “Diet” Results

Hello there! Thanks for joining me on this snowy (at least here in Salt Lake Valley) Tuesday morning.   Let’s get caught up on some happenings!

First is the official release of the Spring 2016 issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly!  As usual, it is packed with great eye candy, patterns and tutorials.

And although, as a creative consultant for the magazine I am always excited, this issue has me tripley triple triply THREE TIMES as excited!!  Remember the Black Needlepoint Crazy Quilt Wallhanging I finished last fall??  It is featured in the magazine with its story. (Yes, the content is blurred out - you must buy the magazine to read it).

I also contributed a tutorial to this issue on the making of (fiber) nests for your crazy quilt or art quilt blocks.
Background fabric: Feathered Flock by Tamara Kate
The issue also includes a pattern for a cute bunny (this picture is not the best angle to show off its cuteness!) Three of us staff members made samples to show, but the complete directions and pattern are in the issue.
Background fabric: The Stars Shine Bright by Tamara Kate
You can buy Crazy Quilt Quarterly at Magcloud, link is here.  You have your choice of a digital download or a printed issue (my preference!). The printed issue is a higher price, but comes with a free digital download.

Also, Pam just released another one of her very popular books. This one is called Crazy Quilt Inspiration, and it is full of her beautiful work.  Pam has always been a very prolific and detail-oriented crazy quilter. Her work is a rich treasure trove of stitching and beading, and this book provides enough eye candy to overload your peepers!!  The book is divided into categories (birds, nature, etc) and each section shows clear photos of Pam’s beautiful projects spanning years of creativity.

If you are a crazy quilter, embroiderer or art quilter, this is one you don’t want to miss.  Use the same Magcloud link to order your copy!

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A bank of lights in my studio went out on Saturday, leaving me working in half darkness until I called it quilts. DH, being the handyman and electrical engineer he is, fixed it on Sunday afternoon after having to visit Home Depot (they didn’t have the right ballast) and finally Lowe’s. I missed nearly a full day of sewing, and therefore did not get my Valentine Quilt done before the end of January.  I will quilt and bind it today and/or tomorrow and post it in a day or two when I get pictures. However, I am counting the fabric used for this quilt in my January fabric totals.

Fabric In:
1.  Thimbles & Threads Mega Clearance  + 18 yards
(prices deeply discounted before moving to their new digs)
2.  +3.5 yards - won from Pattern Jam in a Christmas design contest
3.  + 9 yards - ordered fabric from new Tamara Kate line, Nature Walk
4.  +5.5 yds - white and other basics at Thimbles & Threads’ new shop!
Total In:  36 yards

Fabric Out:
1.  Seeing Red quilt: -8.25 yards
2.  Misc blue blocks for the month: -3
3.  Sold on Etsy: -9.25
4.  Valentine Quilt: -8 yards
5.  Gift to cousin (some cotton, mostly flannel) -11 yards
Total Out: 39.5 yards

Net: -3.5 yards

In the process, although I bought a lot of fabric, I got rid of fabrics I won’t use (flannel small cuts and sales), used lots of odd FQs, and made two quilts. It is like pruning a plant; some dead growth has been pruned and new leaves are ready to grow! And with that spring-like analogy, I will sign out.

Cathy maroon


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Waiting for my next check to order the magazine. If I make purchases all at the same time I have better control over what I am spending. Once I buy what I want/need I don't allow myself to buy again until the next month. You'd be surprised how much more aware you can be of what you are spending with my method, LOL. You are doing pretty well to be putting out more than you are taking in!!
xx, Carol

Renee said...

Cathy, I recognized your quilt in the CQ Quarterly immediately! I've only had time to browse through my digital copy briefly, but look forward to getting the printed copy and really reading through it! You ladies do a lovely job with the magazine.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Cathy, I've been travelling a lot, and have just caught up. Imagine my delight when I came across your thoughtful and generous package in my bag of mail to sort!! Oh my, what goodies you sent. Thank you so much!