Saturday, February 6, 2016

Brown Mama Cat

Our color for February over at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is brown. Like just about every other color of the rainbow, I have more brown scraps than I should.  :-)  But this month I decided to pace myself a bit better than I did in January with blue. Last month it was foot pedal to the metal until I ran out of scraps. This month the brown is being worked around my other sewing.

So, this week I only have a couple things to share. First off is my brown Mama Cat. You may recall that I am doing this 12” mama cat and surrounding her with a litter of 6” kittens (pattern by Sally T)  in the same color. Well, Mama cat is done. And, she is pregnant! Expect the kittens to arrive in the next couple weeks or so.  I am leaving on vacation in a few days and will have very little if any internet access. The kittens may not arrive until closer to the end of the month.

And for those of you who requested and received my free Mama Cat pattern, I have two corrections to make (so sorry!).  (1)  For piece M in background fabric, you only need to cut ONE, not two, and (2) Pieces O should be two 1.5” squares (not 1”).   Any future patterns will go out with the corrections incorporated; just write if you’d like a copy.

I also sewed my brown rail fence blocks in vintage sheets. The setting I am using only calls for three brown blocks, thankfully, because even these required a strip of regular fabric.

This week I attended a genealogy conference for a couple days. I’ve also been sewing on my Valentine quilt. Right now it is about 90% quilted and I plan to finish quilting and binding it today. I’ll post pictures here and on Instagram when it’s finished.

Later in the week I’ll begin cutting out the things I want to take along on vacation to sew; 12 kittens and a simple patchwork quilt of Birds and Bees fabric. I may take my brown scraps along, too.

Come join us for some scrappy goodness over at So Scrappy!!

Until next time,

Cathy maroon


gayle said...

I'll be looking forward to that litter of kittens!
Have a great vacation!

Sally T said...

Kitten season is year round at the RSC, and come to think of it, scrap season is definitely year round and neverending. Thankfully.

Renee said...

Both projects look lovely!

Valerie Reynolds said...

Your cat is fun!! I'l looki forward to watching your progress with this one!

LA Paylor said...

mama cat is about to deliver! Yipee who doesn't love a kitten?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hope mama cat doesn't mind too much being overdue! Are you going to add embroidered eyes and whiskers?

Ivani said...

Can't wait to see all those little kittens around Mama Cat.
I would like to receive the pattern. Thanks in advance. Hugs

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your vintage sheet collection is AMAZING!!!

scraphappy said...

Great start to brown. Looking forward to the arrival of those adorable kittens.

Nell's Quilts said...

Oh I recognize the brown and pink sheets! I think I had some of those. Great Mama cat.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Cool cat! I would have to look High and Low to find brown in MY stash. We will patiently wait for the kitties to arrive.

Have a great vacation.
xx, Carol

Cathy said...

Those vintage sheets are fun. I was thinking there might not be many for brown.
Genealogy conference sounds fun too. I need to get all my piles of stuff more organized...another project to get back to work on after retirement!

PaulaB quilts said...

What a sweet mama cat. Can't wait to see whom the babies resemble. Have a fun and productive vacation, and return home renewed.

Pamela Kellogg said...

Cathy, I love this cat block!! And, I just got my sewing machine fixed!!! ;)