Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Farm Girl Blocks, Finished Baby Quilt

I have so much to show you, but after that loooong post from a couple days ago, I knew I should wait before doing another picture-heavy post.

Our granddaughter Oakley is due any day now, and I made this quick but cute baby quilt for her last week.  I saw the fabric on clearance at one of my most favorite quilt stores, Thimbles and Threads, and grabbed what I could. Turns out that I have enough after this quilt to do another one, which is just fine by me!!

I was limited by the fabrics and color ways left, but that never keeps us down, does it?  The line is called Let it Bee

The quilt finished at approximately 48 x 56 if I remember correctly.

It is backed in a yellow cuddle cloth with hearts embossed on it, but I am not sure you can see the hearts. What you can see is the random loopy quilting, which was meant to echo the bees’ flight paths as detailed in the prints on the front (don’t know if you can see that, either).

This was not on my list of projects for the 2015 Finish Along, but I am happy nonetheless.

And then to catch up on a few other things, here are the Farm Girl Blocks I have finished since last I reported.  I have more than enough for a quilt now, but there are still several I want to do. I will then decide which ones will go in the bed quilt, which ones will go on the long bed pillows, and which will become table toppers, etc.

Out to Pasture

Patchwork Pumpkin

Peas and Carrots

Pie Cherries


Postage Stamp

Scrappy Maple Leaf

Scrappy Strawberry

Simple Star Block
This Simple Star Block (above) was done when I attended the Farm Girl Vintage Retreat. It’s called a mash-up block, and instead of a plain 6” center square, I did a scrappy postage-stamp center.

Spring Star Block

And that is it for now. I plan to do some sewing this afternoon; probably start on an autumn table runner (perhaps make more of those scrappy pumpkins??)  I also want to check my now-minimal stash of home dec fabrics to see if I have anything suitable to make a stuffed pumpkin with.  The hunt is on....

Until next time,

Cathy maroon


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, such lovely piecing. The baby quilt is so cute and yes I saw the hearts and bee paths. Did you quilt it? I think your blocks are getting more intricate. I think you are progressing in the Sane world, lol.
xx, Carol

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You've obviously been busy!

gocrazywithme said...

Congrats on Oakley! Love that scrappy maple leaf block.