Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rainbow Scrappy RED Saturday

This post could be sub-titled “When it’s Hot - SEW!”  Except that the heat also makes me want to (a) nap (b) drink Margaritas (c) nap, and (d) drink Margaritas.

But seriously, we have had a lot of fun in the sun with family (picnics), a minor league baseball game last night complete with fireworks and working in the garden. Peppers, squash, turnips are on.  Beans and rhubarb are done. The spaghetti squash, corn, onions and turnips are about ready.  Pumpkins and grapes will be late summer/early fall. Summer is really a busy time.


These are the five red wonky log cabin blocks I completed for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. July’s color was obviously red.  These blocks are made up of 4 smaller blocks, and they are 16.5” (16” when finished).

They join my other blocks in a large pile that will eventually become a large bed-sized quilt. I have revised my plan for the blocks at Grid Paint, which you can see below with the blocks. I need to go back and make one each of some of the past colors (yellow, teal, and blue), but will do that as time allows. After doing five blocks in July, the rest should be easy peasy.

My friend Mary and I (she is also my Etsy shop assistant, my neighbor across the street, a high school student, plus a DARLING young lady and the niece of the recipient of the quilt below) have been working on Cal’s Cancer Quilt. Cal is in remission, thankfully. He is also a super dad, hard-working, devout and generous with this time and talents. He heads up our Community Gardens program, plus he and his wife Michelle throw monthly neighborhood  ice cream socials in their lovely backyard.

So, Mary and I have cut and sewn all the blocks, and now they are pinned up to the design board. The vertical row on the right will actually be the bottom horizontal row, but my new-ly expanded design board is not long enough. But that is OK, because it is plenty wide and I can compensate. Or lay a quilt on it sideways. Anything to keep Certain Cats away from the temptation of pins. Those two said cats shall remain nameless to avoid encouraging them; if they see their names in print too often, they may suffer delusions of grandeur. You know how cats are.

Who? Us??
Join us today over at Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

Cathy maroon


scraphappy said...

Beautiful blocks. Enjoy making the rest, it looks like a great layout for them.

FlyLadyFan said...

Really like the news-printy black and white for contrast. It gives a contemporary feel to a traditional block. Very pretty!

The Joyful Quilter said...

While your RED blocks are ravishing, Cal's Cancer Quilt is a wonderful collaboration!!!

LA Paylor said...

the cats are asking, "who me??" Never!
My poodle ate pins at about 5 months old. The doctor said wait it out... and they came out in some stuffed toy he also ate. Whew!
You are growing spagetti squash? I love that stuff.

Nell's Quilts said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer. Lots of activity outdoors balanced with quilting time indoors. Looks like a great layout. Love the red with the black and white prints.

Magpie Sue said...

Plans are made to be revised. ;- ) You have a great project on the new design wall - keep up the good work!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I am still in like with those beautiful black and white prints - so much reminiscent of zentangles. Your quilt is going to be a show stopper I think.

Sheila said...

Beautiful red blocks. Awesome collection of black on white prints. This quilt is going to be stunning.
Such cute kitties!