Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Churning out the Christmas Gifts

Another week, another quilt done for Christmas.  This one has actually been done a couple weeks, but I wanted to wait for a sunny day so we could photograph it outside.

This is for my granddaughter London, who is three and loves cats and the color pink.  But she says she is an artist and loves all the colors.  :-)   The quilt is an easy tiles/bricks pattern and finished out at about 40 x 56” or so.  I added two white strips to break it up a bit.  Also, when I first pieced it, I had too many of the Pezzy prints in it in pink and they looked terrible.  I did leave one long and two short pieces in, but tore the other two long ones out and added two plain pink strips instead. Much better.  (The pink Pezzy print is second one down on the left).

As with all the other grandkid quilts, this one has a Minky backing.  I love how it turned out and I know London will too.

I have one more granddaughter quilt done except for the binding. I hope to get that photographed the next time I can snag another adult to hold it during daylight hours. :-)

Tomorrow I will start the last grandchild quilt, and then make one for my twenty-something daughter Megan, who has also requested a Minky back.  *Sigh*.

Oh!  And I have a quick strip Christmas Quilt I want to finish for this year.

I do have the doll bed to show you still (must photograph it!) as well as two crazy quilted Christmas Stockings for friends.  Stay tuned.  I’ve been “Sewing Like the Wind”, but have been neglecting the camera, the cooking (who cares, right?) and the laundry (Bruce has been doing it). Yesterday I broke down and spent a half day cleaning house. That takes care of THAT for the rest of the year, LOL!!  ;-)    (if only….)

Cathy maroon


Katy Cameron said...

Half a day a year seems reasonable for cleaning to me... ;o) Yay for one more down on the list! I'm really hoping I can get to my own Christmas quilt before the big day, but I also want a minky backing, or maybe some flannel...

Cat said...

Yes, quilting does trump house cleaning!
London's quilt came out delightful - love that minky on the back too. I tried a quilt with minky on the quilting frame yesterday and it worked out great.
Happy quilting.

Janet Mahoney said...

I'm nervous about using minky as a quilt backing because the front will shrink up and the minky won't. Do you find this is not a problem? The minky is so cozy, I'd love to do it.