Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back to CQJP and TAST

I need a Time Machine.  Can anyone help with that?

Truly, with all the frenzy that my life has become (and I guess I wouldn’t change a thing - not even with a Time Machine), I have managed to get in a bit of stitching.  I am currently working on my June CQJP, about half done, but realized today that I had not posted my May block yet.

Without further ado, here it is:

You may remember that I am making twelve black blocks to frame a vintage needlepoint piece I have. My goal was to keep it primarily seamwork, but as I begin piecing the blocks to the design board, I am realizing that the vacant corners create a lot of black space that will have to be addressed later. So, no large vacant areas this time.  :-)

I am weeks and weeks behind in TAST, but I am keeping a list of them and checking them off as I go.  This May block included the following stitches:

Week 14 Satin Stitch (flower I stitched in too-large thread, but oh well).
Week 15 Stem Stitch (the vine in upper left)
Week 16 French knots
Week 17 Wheatear Stitch (seam diagonally meeting silk ribbon)
Week 20 Bullion knot stitch (the flowers in upper left).

I tried doing the Knotted Cretan, but mine sure looked different than everyone else’s. Surprise, surprise, I must be doing it wrong.  After losing my temper over it, I decided I would wait until the June block to do it.  And today is the 24th, so I can’t put THAT off too much longer!

This is how the first five blocks look with the needlepoint. It is just pinned for now.  Do you think that silk ribbon trail in the May block is too heavy?   The June block is missing from the design board (lower left) because I am working on it.

Back to stitching.  Oh!  And watch for an announcement on Wednesday about my Etsy Shop.  My second anniversary is coming up and we can all celebrate together!  :-)

Cathy maroon


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your pink on black is stunning. It all looks great to me!!
xx, Carol

Suztats said...

Very pretty, Cathy. I like the way your block colours repeat those in your vintage piece.
The ribbon, I think, picks up the colour of the pink flowers very nicely. I think it would be fabulous if it traveled from block to block. I think it stands out now because it just stops partway along the block, and to my eyes, it looks a bit strange. But maybe that's just me.
Hey, when you get one of those time machines, can you give me a shout? I need one, too. lol

Marie Costa said...

The jewel toned threads on black look amazing! I agree with suztats about the ribbon, but you can always go back and add a little SRE to other blocks before deciding the final block setting, just to even out the visual balance.

Wendy said...

Beautiful! this is going to be incredible when it's done. I love what you've done and I do like that pink ribbon, but I think it needs to be used in some of the other blocks too to tie it in.

Wendy said...

Just beautiful! This is going to be stunning when finished. I love the pops of color on the black and the echo of the center panel.

Susan Elliott said...

I just LOVE LOVE those hot pinks, yellows and greens on the black. Every time you post about this quilt I swoon! Its coming together nicely.

Why don't you hold off on the ribbon issue until you get all the blocks done. Then you can solve the problem when unifying them all together at the end.

If I were to ride in your time machine, I think I would go back to one day with my I could ask her all the questions I forgot to ask before she left us.

xoxo Susan

Ericka said...

Time machine? Sounds awesome. Either that or one of those time turners like in that Harry Potter movie. They have bumper stickers and t-shirts that say "Rather be fishing," so we all need one that says CQing (instead of at work). LOL.