Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Boho Bags Done

There’s no getting around it: I am letting too many things distract me from sewing as much as I should be to complete my purses.  Silly things, unimportant things….. like sleep, Bruce (just kidding!), eating, my job, laundry and watching The Tudors on Showtime (Wow, the costumes/clothing and jewelry for that show are amazing!)  But I digress…

I have finished two more purses (actually I have a few inches of trim to finish sewing down on one, but I can do that in a few minutes).  They are definitely fancier, more Bohemian than the one I did last week.

The brown, gold and red fabric in this purse was the one I really wanted to get my hands on and work with.  I almost hope this purse doesn’t sell, because I love the warm, rich colors so much.    I used the same pattern as the last (black and tan) one.   

This time I crazy pieced the flap and used the focal fabric intact for the front body.  These pictures don’t do it justice; the colors are so rich and vibrant (and the fabric so luxurious) in person.  And that shiny gold patch on the flap only looks that way in the photo - in real life it recedes and behaves itself.

On this one I added some of my dyed lace from my Etsy shop in addition to some really wide lace that I found at a yard sale.  The lace was from an old tablecloth.  I used exactly one third of it (5 scallops) on this purse, and have enough to use on two more purses.

The front faux “buckle” is really part of an earring (meaning I have one more to use elsewhere) with a touch of gathered silk velvet inside.   Gerry sent me the delicious red trim that I put around the purse edge.  I also auditioned it on the flap, but it was toooo much red.

I had no problems with layering or thicknesses this time.  The lining fabric was a bit more substantial, and the back fabric didn’t need interfacing.

Next I wanted to do a pink and green one.  On this one, the fabric for the strap and the bullion fringe came from a thrift store valance I bought last week for $2.50.  I have enough fabric to do two more straps and enough fringe to do one more purse.  I should’ve bought all three valance pieces; I bet it won’t still be there when I go back tomorrow.

The embroidered roses came from a bit of a valance that Gerry shared with me when I visited with her last February.  That faux clasp is another…. you guessed it… earring.

I did lots more trims and layering this time, which is easy with invisible thread (even though it took me awhile to get the hang of managing it in my sewing machine).

This (below) is the back.  I bought the tapestry fabric years ago from a local interior design store. They had a sale once where they were selling remnants for $5/yard.  They’ve never repeated it.  And they have been “going out of business” for 18 months now.  I stop by periodically to see if they have any unwanted fabric sample books or any remnants to sell, but I am always turned away.   But I can wait … someday they really will be closing those doors….    muahahahaha…..

This purse is larger; a basic slouch style with no flap.  Instead, I thought this heavy embroidered piece would make an interesting “flap”.   Half is sewn to the back (see above) and the other half, weighted with the earring, folds over the front.   Lazy woman’s purse flap!  ;-)

One of the things I did this weekend was to go through all my home dec fabrics - particularly those that are to be focal fabrics for upcoming purses.  I sorted them and added supporting fabrics and trims so I could make sure to get the most mileage out of what I have.   I have them stacked, and now that I have three purses under my belt (so to speak) in two different sizes and styles, I think I am ready to assembly line them. The size and style of the purse will be dependent on the size of the fabric sample or piece I have for the focal part.  Or it may depend on my mood, hehehe.  Whatever.

I am really loving these two particular groupings, but sometimes they come together totally different than I expect.

I am trying to concentrate more on the darker, brighter colors for autumn. I will save the lighter colors for the, uh, “Spring Show” (wink).

In the meantime, I have also been making zipper flowers, which I will make into little brooches to pin on the aprons (or sell individually) at the boutique.    And later this week I will put it ALL down and work on a crazy quilt block for Cathy L - her English Garden block.  More about that next time.

Cathy maroon


Mánya said...

Both bags turned out just gorgeous! And the next two groupings look very promising too!
The green-pink one is my favorite, love the little flap with the earring, the embroidered flowers, the colors...
A big hug,

Shirlee Fassell said...

sounds like you are having funnnnn!! Bruce better watch out or you will have him in your assembly line! The bags are looking great. I especially like the unassembled one with the darker fabrics.

Doni said...

Your bags are such pretty creations! I love the different textures and colors, so neat!!
Have a great day

Pat Winter said...

LOL! I told you these were addicting!!!!!!! Great job!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Those are great! I especially love the lace added to the first one. Have a great day, Connie

Suztats said...

Boho Beautiful! Your bags have turned out splendidly! I love the pink and green one, too.

Knickertwist said...

They are gorgeous! Loves the first one best :)

MosaicMagpie said...

These are great! I am happy you have perfected your technique so you are able to move them along a bit quicker. I really love the color combination in the pink and green purse. I have had so much fun watching you and Gerry make these, I ordered a kit from Gerry last night. Just imagine all the fabric picked out and all I have to do is sit down and sew!

Topcho said...

Those two are real beauties. I tried, but I just can't pick which one I like better, because they're both too gorgeus. The rich colours on the first, and that pink and green combo on the second... and all that lace.. can't pick a winner! XD

Wendy said...

These bags turned out so beautiful Cathy! I still love the black and gold one......you have been a busy girl!

Whytefeather said...

Your Boho bags are looking great! Love the dark blue floral fabric in the last photo on the post... gorgeous!

Wanda-Maria said...

Hi Cathy,
All of your art. works are beautiful, interesting, greetings,

Wilma said...

WOW, Cathy, your BoHobags are beautiful. I can imagine that you hope that the one in the rich colors doesn't sell, love that one most also!
Hugs from Holland, WILMA

jelly andrews said...

I love both bags. They are equally gorgeous. But are you selling them? How much do they cost?