Sunday, May 8, 2011

Exciting Mother’s Day Discovery!

Yesterday (Saturday) was a beautiful, warm day here in the valley, and I was finally able to begin my spring clean-up.  As I was sweeping up the patio and trimming the dead wood from the grape arbor, I looked up and noticed a bird nest!  Can you see it?

This is our 9th summer in this home, and the first time we have ever seen a nest!  We used to have a huge pine tree in the front yard that was likely home to a bazillion birds (see the story of its demise here), but we never did find a nest there.

Anyway, I decided to take a quick peek, and this is what I found.  Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Robin were nearby, squawking at me (which explained all the birdsong as I worked in the backyard!), so I quickly retreated and Mrs. Robin returned to tend her precious eggs!!

Later I spotted her outside out back door (on the mat, of all places) searching for food.  Or maybe she was just making a house call to thank me for leaving them alone, because the bird feeder was full, and here she was at my back door!  I consider the presence of The Robin Family to be the best Mother’s Day present I’ve had for a good many years!

So, in honor of Mrs. Robin and mothers of birds and humans everywhere, I would like to share with you some of my vintage graphics.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy maroon


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Cathy, I will use some of these vintage pics.
The robin's nest- how beautiful.What a thrill to see her eggs!And when they hatch- what a joy.
Sorry your big tree had to go. Looks like a beautiful spot where you live with the mountains in the background.
Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.

Carol said...

That's a Mother's Day gift from Mother Nature herself!! You're going to have fun keeping an eye on the nest and the antics of Mr. and Mrs. Robin. We have a Robin nest that is used year after year. I have always wondered if its the same Robin.

Hope you had a wonderful day.
xx, Carol

Plays with Needles said...

Love that pic of those beautiful blue eggs in that perfect nest. Happy day indeed!

Gina E. said...

Oh they are so beautiful! As colourful as our Aussie birds are, I don't think any of them lay eggs as pretty as that! Great photos, Cathy - especially Mrs Robin on your door mat, showing such trust in you that she didn't fly away before you took the photo.
The vintage cards are all gorgeous.

Pink Fawn said...

So pretty - I just love robin's nests!

wendy2shoes said...

Cathy..the bird on your mat is a House Finch..kind of rosy like a Robin, but mos' def' a finch. (Amateur Birder).

Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweet birdie and such gorgeous coloured eggs!! Great photos! Birds are amazing! By now the eggs have come out I guess and you'll enjoy even more songs in the garden lol?!