Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Art Nouveau Block for Gerry

I’ve been madly stitching on this block for Gerry in our Art Nouveau round robin for Crazy Quilting International.   But I was sick with a bad cold (wah, wah) and spent most of the weekend in bed and asleep.   Why is it that I don’t get sick during the week when I can miss work?  LOL.  But I digress ...

As I mentioned in the last post, Gerry wanted us to do representations of Art Nouveau tiles for her blocks.  And since she loves daffodils, that was my choice.   There were no shortage of daffodil images to chose from, but this was my hands-down favorite.   So I downloaded it, printed it to scale and traced it onto the block with a water soluble pen.  The pen was from Clover, and it worked great and cleaned up easily.  Naturally, I tested it first.

I simplified the image and decided that the leaves in the back would be darker and satin stitched.  The front leaves were chain stitched.  YIKES.  In just looking at this, I see that I forgot to stitch the stem going up to the flower!  Hmmm...  Luckily, that’s a quick fix before I send the block home to Gerry tomorrow.

To the seams I added just some subtle herringbone stitching.  It is, after all, a crazy quilt block.  And in a further nod to CQ, I added a little spider web in the lower left.  As usual in my stitching, the spider has left the building!  ;-)

These are the six blocks (five finished) that will wing their way home to Gerry tomorrow.  She will get to finish the last one and decide how she wants to use them.   That completes this round robin for me, but I’ve got an Autumn DYB starting, a Teacups DYB,  as well as a Steampunk-themed round robin and finally a “For the Birds” DYB.  It was all I could do to resist the English Garden DYB, but I had to draw the line somewhere!  I’ve got my blue and pink Teatime wall hanging to finish up this week.

I’ve also added a few new things to my Etsy shop, and will continue that over the next several days.  And on Ebay (under the username “Crazybydesign”), I’ve been selling vintage fabrics, laces, ornaments.  I’ll be listing more there this week, too.   Have to earn my way to Connecticut in April for the CQ Adventure!  

Cathy maroon


  1. Your flower turned out so beautiful! I know Gerry is going to love it, I sure do!

  2. Fabulously creative work, Cathy! Sorry you've been so sick, not a good way to lose weight!


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