Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy-ness, London, Shopping & some CQ

I've been neglecting my blog while I take care of DH (who recently had back surgery).  He's home and doing great, but since he can't bend, lift or twist, I've taken on his chores, plus errands.  Still working mornings at the Farm and madly stitching on an entry for the CQI Annual Purse Contest.   And I also get to babysit my granddaughter London one afternoon a week.

Since I can't share my purse progress (but will blog it fully in April, after voting is complete),  I WILL post some pictures this weekend of an old UFO that I want to finish this year.  It's an oriental CQ vest that I pieced and worked on, then sent around in a round robin a couple years ago.  It still needs some CQ work on it, then stitching up.  Being fall colors (you'll see), I plan to finish it up this summer to wear in the fall.  

Also, I'm going shopping later today.  DH and I are going on an outing to my favorite antique store, Mormon Trader Antiques.  You may remember from my posts last year here and here that my friend Joan has a wonderful assortment of vintage clothing and lace (also here).  For my birthday this weekend, I asked DH for a gown for my vintage dress form, Victoria (I know, real "original" name, LOL).  She has an 18" waist, and it's nearly impossible to find anything else that looks good on her.  ;-)   So, we're off to shop.  I'll share pictures of any treasures I find, too!

In the meantime, I'll just share a picture that I haven't posted here before, but many of you may have seen it in my Stitchin' Fingers album or at CQI.  It's a posy I did a couple years ago on a Roses-themed round robin block for a friend.  

Until next time,


FredaB said...

One afternoon a week to love her and then let her go home sounds wonderful. She is beautiful.

Hope you find a dress - I am still looking for the dress form. One of these days I will see one.



ps - hop over before tomorrow night as I have a Giveawa on sunday night. Mention it on your blog and I will give you 2 tabs.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Your grandbaby is so sweet - I am totally jealous!

shawkl said...

Love the roses...but the baby is just the cutest!

Kathy (aka Shawkl)