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Friday, March 27, 2015

Birch Trees Quilt Finished

Happy Friday.  This week I finished the Birch Trees Quilt for my grandson Easton. He picked out the pattern (Bright Birch Trees from Crazy Mom Quilts) and the color palette.  I am really pleased how it turned out.

It was a real treat to work on, even though it was the second masculine quilt in a row I have made (the first was this one for my son Shane).

I should be better about posting more regularly, because when I read other blogs, I love to see work-in-process photos. But I did take some in-process photos, so I will share them now. In the future, I’ll attempt to post more of my work as I go along. Even if no one is reading my blog, it will at least be a refresher for me, LOL!!

Making a seemingly-endless supply of scrap strips
For me, working with so many solids was new, and making those darn trees seemed never-ending. But I thought of Easton wrapped up in it, and really did enjoy the process.

Pinning up and sewing the strips. My cats LOVED them!
Notice how the sewn-in strips are in lower blocks and the dangly strips (not yet sewn in) are higher up? That is to discourage two felines who shall remain unnamed from batting them around.  I think I am going to write a book:   QUILTING WITH CATS.  Should be a best-seller, eh?

After washing, it crinkled up nicely. So soft!!  

I just quilted wavy, unmeasured lines with my Bernina 550QE, using a walking foot and Aurifil 40-wt. thread. OMG, it was the first time I have used Aurifil, and I am now a believer. I couldn’t believe how nice it was. Stitched like buttah!

The backing, which is actually a bit darker than I was able to capture with a camera, is Carolyn Friedlander’s Branches in Charcoal from her Botanics line.  I bought all the fabrics (the Kona solids and the backing) during end-of-year clearance sales. The trees were made from my scrap bins.

Finally, I made a 14” pillow with medium gray on the front. The back is the Branches fabric again, and was constructed to allow easy-on/easy-off for washing.  Now looking at the pillow, I think it looks rather plain. I wish I had quilted it first. Hindsight.

This is my second finish for this first quarter in the 2015 Finish-Along with Adrienne of On the Windy Side.

And this is what is now on my design wall:

It’s the last of my CQJP2012 (Crazy Quilt Journal Project for 2012). Better late than never!  I still have one block to finish stitching, then the process of trimming and sewing them together begins. The center needlepoint has been trimmed, and will finish at 15x15”. When everything is sewn together, I may have some areas to finish stitching to eliminate some “black holes”.  Bottom Left Corner, I’m looking at YOU!  Then I will figure out how to stabilize it before adding a black-on-black houndstooth-weave home dec fabric (a blend). I will add a hanging sleeve and most likely list it for sale in my Etsy shop.  I hope to have this finished in the next few days so I can count this as my third finish this quarter.

Linking up to Fabric Tuesday.
Come back tomorrow for my Scrappy Saturday post.

Cathy maroon

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Scrappin’ with Yellow

I have a lot of yellow scraps, and because of that I do plan to do more with them this month than just some scrappy log cabins.  But first, let me show you the first 4 (that will be combined to equal one) blocks

I will do four more of the little blocks so that I will have a total of 8, which will equal two yellow circles (to accompany the two blue and two pink made so far this year).  But I will do something else with the rest, once I decide if I want HSTs, churn dashes, Dresdens, or strips for something with strippy blocks. Decisions, decisions.

And in the meantime, I have been working on the Birch Woods quilt for my grandson Easton. The colors and pattern were chosen by him (except the scrappy trees).I would like to finish this one in the next few days so I can gift it to him next Friday.

The blocks in the top 4 rows are sewn, but are just pinned (overlapping) because my design board area is too small.  There is a definite studio re-do in my summer this year..... Anyway, I just have the four bottom blocks to stitch, then can begin assembling the rows, etc. I have one extra block that I will make into a pillow.  Hopefully I will have more pix to show on this next week.

I have two other quilts in process, plus a crazy quilt wall hanging I would like to complete before month-end.

Linking up to ScrapHappy Saturday.  If you have scraps, why not join us?!?

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pink Scrap Quilt Blocks

Early in the month, we took off to warm southern Arizona and spent ten days there. It was so lovely and sunny and in the low seventies - mid eighties (F). Glorious!  I did take some hand stitching along, and managed to finish up one crazy quilt block (picture in next post).

On the sewing front, I have been working steadily on my grandson`s quilt and will have some WIP pictures next Wednesday. But today, for Scrappy Saturday at So Scrappy, where I am participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I am showing my eight scrappy and wonky log cabin blocks.  Pink is the color of the month for February, and I am pairing my colors with black and white.

This is actually 8 blocks (8.5” each).  They will sew up into two 16x16” blocks.  Now I have two blue and two pink and will begin with a new color next week!  :-)

Thanks for dropping by!  I am linking up to ScrapHappy Saturday.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Crazy Quilt Quarterly

It’s here! The new (inaugural) issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly published by Pam Kellogg of Kitty & Me Designs.  You may recall that this publication was previously published by Pat Winter (as Crazy Quilt Gatherings).  

I was lucky to get an advance issue, and I can tell you it is full of lovely eye candy.  And in addition to the lovely pictures, there is a lot of “meat” for you too: tutorials, news, etc. I am so excited to be part of the team as Creative Consultant, and can’t wait for you to see some of the things that are in store for the next several issues!

CQQ is available as a download or in print.  Just follow the link to Magcloud.  Crazy Quilters, you will really LOVE it!

Cathy maroon

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blue Saturday

I`ve been doing some work with my fabric scraps, focusing on blue this month (not light, light blues or green-blues, or dark/navy blues; just blue blues) with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Eight scrappy log cabins with black/white prints for contrast. Each of the blocks finish at 8.5 inches, so four will finish into a 16x16 inch block.  I have lots more blue so I may do four more of the 8.5’s so I can have three big blue ones. And then I will do a few of these with each color of the month.

Off to work on my Bright Birch Trees quilt for my grandson. That is the name of the pattern, but the quilt will be renamed as it will be in shades of grays, pale blues/greens, ecru, etc. At least the background will. The trees themselves will have a bit more color. I will have to see how it looks as construction begins....

Linking up (hopefully; the new software keeps throwing me for loops) to ScrapHappy Saturday at So Scrappy.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Finish-it-Up Friday - and TGIF

TGIF - in this case it has a dual meaning.  Not only Thank God It`s Friday, but also Thank God It’s Finished.

Being retired, my schedule does not include an outside-the-home job. However, I do have a very busy Etsy shop, plus it’s tax season (meaning I had to install new tax software AND update my iMac to the latest operating system, then update myriad other programs....), and endless errands, appointments, and - stitching and sewing. I try to schedule sewing time in every single day. But that does`t always happen.  Sound familiar?

Anyway, this is the quilt for my son Shane that I finished several days ago.  He wanted bold and graphic, fairly masculine colors.   The finished size is about 55x70 inches - a nice lap quilt.

The backing is scrappy.  I used some of the leftover fabrics, a yard of Katarina Roccella Spirodraft from her Indelible line (LOVE it!) and assorted other texty and coordinating bits. Honestly, I like the back as much as the front (if not more).    :-)

Among other projects, I am now working on a quilt for my DGS. Should have a progress report next week.

I’m linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts and her Finish it Up Friday.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday and Animal Welfare

Today is Wednesday, and I am linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.   I have several things going on at once, which is probably no surprise to any of you stitchy or crafty ladies. We all do it, right? So I won’t apologize for that. However, I only have pictures of one of them at the moment, so I will have to start doing better on that front.

I will have a finish to show you on Friday (never had the time to link up last Friday), so I have been busy.

This will be a mini-quilt, approx 22x27” made from a Marmalade charm pack from Bonnie and Camille. I`m doing a little QAL (quilt-along) with Heather Mulder Peterson, using her pattern Pretty in Pink (mini).

I also have lots of blue scrappy log cabin blocks to show, but that will come on Saturday for So Scrappy Saturday.  And I have finished cutting out the background blocks for my grandson Easton’s quilt, and will begin working on the trees that will go into that. Pictures next week.

Meantime, last Sunday at our family sew-in (or Sewarama, as my DH calls it), which we hold every Sunday in my studio, my cousin Kim and her DGD Trinity, we were all busy cutting and sewing.  Trini is 10 now, and wanted to work on the Koala Mittens and Joey Pouches for  the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Australia.  While their recent posts have said they have enough Koala mittens, Trini wanted to work on the joey pouches and the mittens, so how could we say no?  The made 3 joey pouches and 4 pairs of mittens.  I will be mailing those off to Australia this week.

And speaking of Animal Welfare, I am going to have to start banning the Supervisors (better known as our cats Alfalfa and Darla) from the studio if they don`t shape up.  Alfie seems to feel that part of his responsibilities include removing pins from the design wall. It has gotten so that I can`t use pins except high up where he can`t reach them.  

Alfalfa (Alfie), age 1.5

Both he and his sister Darla (below) enjoy the colorful pin heads, and will remove them from pin cushions if we leave those lying about. I know, I know, it’s dangerous!  Which I have told them. You can see just how concerned they both are. 

Darla, age 1.5  

I know what Alfie is thinking. Revenge. He will call a 4:00 a.m. “staff meeting” as payback.

Cathy maroon
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