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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Work in Process Wednesday; Progress but no Finishes

One of these days, I am going to write a post and show off a dozen finishes! HA! But that day is not today.  :-)  But I do have a few bazillion  projects I am working on. And since the weather here continues to be cloudy and rainy for the 3rd week, and working outdoors is not going to happen soon (in fact, I may have to move it from my To Do List to my Bucket List), here is a progress report on some of my stitchy, quilty goals.

Starting with the oldest project, this is a vintage needlepoint I bought at an estate sale, onto which I am adding 12 crazy quilt blocks.  Those blocks were part of a 2012 Crazy Quilt Journal Project, and I just finished stitching the final block this week.  Yeah, I know!  But at least I am still in the same decade..... LOL.

Now 8 of the 12 blocks have been added, and the final four will go on this week.  Then I will fill in any remaining bare spots with some stitching, stabilize it, add trim around the center and then back and bind it. It will be done by month end, come hell or high water..... and the high water is no laughing matter around here.

Next up is the Bright Banjos for Bruce using the Pow Wow Pattern from Cluck, Cluck, Sew. All the blocks are sewn into rose, and I only have 3 or 4 more rows to add.  Then baste, quilt, bind and viola!  Another hopeful finish for this month.  Excuse the wrinkle-y top. I have had it folded (and the cats have found it to be a lovely nap spot)

And then there are the ever-present wonky log cabin blocks. I have made 2 of three for this month, but I am likely not going to finish the 3rd until next week. And I have so many green scraps that I think I will start making some 16-patch quilt block to use some up.

If they look PARTICULARLY wonky, it is because they are laying on a pile of fabric scraps from yet another project..... making more fabric packs for my Etsy shop. Never enough hours in a day...

And finally, my Farm Girl blocks. As I mentioned last post (and you can see from the logo on the sidebar) I am participating in Lori Holt`s Farm Girl Vintage quilt-along. These blocks are the Baby Chick (from week 2) and Baking Day and Butter Churn from Week 3. I am loving these blocks and having a ball!!

Baby Chick

Baking Day (with some vintage Pyrex)

Butter Churn
That catches me up on my quilting and stitching news for now.  I have also planted all of my (12) Mexican Talavera pots with flowers for the front walkway. They are lovely, but I want to wait to get a picture until (1) it stops raining (2) it stops raining long enough for Bruce to mow the lawn and (3) it stops raining so I don’t rust. Or, it could just STOP RAINING!!!

Cathy maroon

Saturday, May 9, 2015

It’s Easy Being Green

I love green.  This time of year, everything is green. And if you live in the Salt Lake Valley, it is not only green, but wet and overgrown.  We have had steady rain for a week, with a couple dry mornings - long enough for some (who are home on weekdays) to slosh their way through mowing the lawns. But I am not complaining. Our veggies are in and the new BBQ is on the covered patio, and we are poised for outdoor living to start. Soon. Hopefully.

And this month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, where Andrea so skillfully directs us through using our colorful scraps of fabric creatively, the color is also green. I have started sewing...

This past week, I worked out a quilt pattern with these scrappy log cabins I have been making.  Have you seen the site called Grid Paint? Basically, I laid out a quilt using my scrappy log cabins as the blocks, planning colors and sizes along the way. It turns out that for a queen-sized quilt, I will need 30 squares (16” squares, made up of four smaller blocks like the green one, above). With 2” sashing (and cornerstones, of course), that will give me a quilt about 92x110”. Yes, I could do that math in my head (and have). But I wanted a plan for the colors - where they would be laid out and how many I would need. And it worked great!

So, it turns out I will need more than 2 blocks of every color, and have some catching up to do. But since we will have two months on blue - we already did dark blues and will do lighter blues/aquas later - I will catch up on those later.  And we will have another month of lighter greens, so I will just work through my dark/bright greens now.  I don’t know all the colors that Andrea will select, but if she chooses one that doesn’t work with my plan, I can use that month to get caught up on one more block each of pink, yellow and purple.

I am also participating in Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet’s Farm Girl Vintage Stitch-Along. I am doing 12” blocks, and we are going in order. The first week had one block (the Apron Strings Block, below).

The second week, and from now on, there will be two blocks per week. At this time I only have one of those done, and I have until next Friday to stitch up the next one. Below is Autumn Star.

Am I allowed to say this? .... I hate this block/pattern.  Why? Only because I am an inexperienced piecer (of complicated patterns) and cannot do it justice.  I spent hours and had a meltdown (a nice way of saying an adult temper tantrum, alone in my sewing room, complete with whiney tears) before I got this block done. And I I still didn’t get it properly matched up, flat and cut off corners.  So, before I do the next CUTE CUTE CUTE block (a baby chick), I am going to do this one over, with more autumny-colors. Until it passes!!  :-)

OK, I have a question for you experienced quilters (if you are still awake at this point in the post).  I cut my pieces for the above block precisely as instructed and used scant 1/4” seams. But it still seems to be short; there is not enough background fabric to allow a 1/4” seam around it (when attaching to the next block) to avoid cutting off pieces even more. Should I cheat and cut the pieces another 1/8 - 1/4” larger? Or will that throw off all the measurements and diagonals? Is there a secret to this that I haven’t learned yet??  I want to get this block right, even if it kills me!!

Well, that’s enough for now. I am looking forward to some more quality sewing time over the next several days.  And quilt market is next week, so we will see all sorts of new and fun fabrics and photos!

Life is good!

Cathy maroon

Monday, May 4, 2015

The New Issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly is out!

The new issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly is out, and this super issue focuses on techniques and embellishments that you will LOVE and want to include in your seascape or under the sea crazy quilting.  There is a lot more great stuff, naturally, so you will have a lot of fun going through this issue. Order yours in print or as an e-mag. Either way, you will enjoy curling up with a cuppa and this great read!  :-)

You can order your magazine here.

Cathy maroon

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Work in Process Wednesday and a Rotten Apple, Inc.

Is there anyone else out there in Blogland who has had the new Apple Photos app forced down their throats???  After a routine “update” three nights ago, I woke up to having iPhotos gone and replace with PHOTOS.  I had to import every picture (hours) into a new library.  OK, I am getting used to the new format. I can live with progress. But I can’t access my photos from Blogger when I want to upload them to the blog! Grrrrr.

So, I had to go in to the new PHOTOS, export them to a file called PICTURES, and then upload them. Does anyone know why the export process is so mangled?  If I try just simply uploading from Blogger, all that PHOTOS will give me is the Photos Logo, not the photos themselves. And I can’t place them anywhere on my Favorites or anywhere they are accessible by Blogger.  As usual with tech things, specific advice is nowhere to be found online.  I am probably the only person in the known universe with this problem.

That must mean it is time to go sew and work off some of that frustration!!!

Here is my in process stitching of Bruce’s quilt. He loves bright colors.  So, I am now loving flying geese after doing 100+ for this quilt.  :-)  And actually, I have four out of 8 rows of the top sewn together. I hope to baste it later in the week, sew the back, and begin quilting on Sunday.

After laying these out in order, hubby decided that he wanted all arrows except one column pointing up.  The column that is second-from-right will stay pointing down.  :-)

The gold-looking print in the picture above is actually orange, and there is a lot of orange in the banjo print.

The quilt will be backed with some orange Riley Blake ombre fabric. I found an entire shrink-wrapped bolt of it (10 yards) for $7.99 at a local thrift store.  (No, those things never happen to me either....)  Plus there will be some other pieces and/or flying geese added into the back for interest. I shared this on my Instagram a couple weeks ago.

Well, off to sew.  Linking up to WIP Wednesdays with Lee at Freshly Pieced.

See you soon!

Cathy maroon

Thursday, April 9, 2015

2015 Finish Along, Quarter 2 Goals

It’s the second quarter of the year already, and time for me to set out my Quarter 2 Goals  for the 2015 Finish Along.  Hosted by Adrienne of On the Windy Side, this year-long Finish Along is divided into quarters, with prizes by lots of lovely sponsors and supporters. For every finish, the participant gets an entry into the final prize drawings.

Last quarter I had four goals and finished two.  Those were the quilt for my son Shane, and the Birch Trees quilt for my grandson Easton.  I almost finished my Crazy Floral Needlepoint Quilt, but not quite.  So it heads my Quarter Two list.

1.  Crazy Floral Needlepoint Quilt

The stitching is all done except for the second-to-right block on the bottom.  That will take maybe an hour. Then another hour or two to tack on and embellish a few florals and beads, so maybe one morning to finish. I have actually begun sewing the blocks together, and once the rows and columns are complete, they will be attached to the stabilized needlepoint. I have a sturdy backing and will assemble this with a rod pocket and no interior batting. I will likely tie it, with the ties showing on the back and a mere bead or button showing on the front.  I have decided to sell this when it is complete as I do not have any wall space on which to hang it.

2.  Banjo Pow-Wow

This is a quilt promised to my dear husband, Bruce.  It is all cut out - and believe me, there was a LOT of cutting.  No wonder I like using pre-cuts when I can, LOL.   As you read this, I will already have begun the piecing process.  A little bit of music on (America`s Greatest Hits; must hear my favorite, Ventura Highway, a few times....), a Diet Dr. Pepper nearby (but not too close), and I`m good for a couple hours....

3.  What Cancer Cannot Do

This quilt is being made for a friend of ours who is battling cancer.  Cal has fought hard and was in remission for 5 years. Then last fall, it began growing again. He has had a couple operations, radioactive pellets inserted and begun a new regimen of drugs. And the results are very encouraging at this time!  We are hopeful that he will be with us for many more years. And this quilt, with its inspiring messages and soothing colors will hopefully provide hugs to him whenever his spirits are low.

4. Mini Marmalade

The pattern is Pretty in Pink by Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka’s Treasures and the fabric is a charm pack of Bonnie & Camille`s Marmalade that I had laying around.  I am following the pattern, by cutting each charm into four pieces and inserting the white mini-strips.  It is taking me forever, because I struggle matching things precisely. Looking back, I wish I would have made a vertical slash and inserted the strip, and then made a horizontal slash and inserted that strip. The pattern calls for us to insert the little strips between each pair of pieces top and bottom, and then add the long vertical strip.  Too late to switch that now because everything is already cut out.

And I am definitely feeling the need for one of Lori Holt’s mini design boards (check them out here) and some Alpha-bitties.

5.  Ruffles Skirt for London

And just for good measure, I am adding a number five; a skirt for my granddaughter London. I intended to make it last summer, but definitely will this summer.  And probably some other things that aren’t on any list.....

I have another quilt planned that will be a queen-sized bed quilt for our bed.  I eventually want to have at least one quilt for each season. Our bedroom is painted and carpeted in neutral shades, so changing out the decor with bedspreads, pillows and a quilty wall hanging every quarter is in my long-terms plans.

Now, back to stitching.  I hope your spring is sunny and warm!!

Cathy maroon

Friday, April 3, 2015

Purple Scrapple Eater

Hooray! Today I finally dragged myself off my death bed (OK, a slight exaggeration; but I’ve had the Cold From He** for 3 days).  Nothing like playing with fabric to get me going!

So, April is the month for Purple in our Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I seem to have quite a bit of purple, but some of it is reserved for other things (am I allowed to do that?)  No matter. The first plan is to get the two large blocks of Wonky Log Cabins done, each consisting of 4 smaller blocks.  As you can see, I have done four:

I need to get more variety in there, methinks, so I may have to “unreserve” some of my other  purple scraps.

And since I only posted one of my yellow blocks last month, I want to show you that I actually did finish TWO - and all before month end.

I even played with these blocks on my design wall, but as you can see, my design wall is so small as to be nearly useless.

I'm working on a plan in my studio to shuffle things around.  Part of the plan involves getting rid of some storage cabinets that take more room than they give, if you know what I mean. And then replace them with something from IKEA (oh darn, a trip to IKEA!!!), move my bookshelf, and I will have a whole area about 7.5 x 7.5’  to rig something up as a design wall.  That’s still not big enough for queen quilts, but it’s manageable.  

If you have scraps, why not join us for Scrap Happy Saturday with Angela ?!?

Cathy maroon

Friday, March 27, 2015

Birch Trees Quilt Finished

Happy Friday.  This week I finished the Birch Trees Quilt for my grandson Easton. He picked out the pattern (Bright Birch Trees from Crazy Mom Quilts) and the color palette.  I am really pleased how it turned out.

It was a real treat to work on, even though it was the second masculine quilt in a row I have made (the first was this one for my son Shane).

This quilt was #2 of my finish goals for the 2015 Finish Along which I talked about here.

I should be better about posting more regularly, because when I read other blogs, I love to see work-in-process photos. But I did take some in-process photos, so I will share them now. In the future, I’ll attempt to post more of my work as I go along. Even if no one is reading my blog, it will at least be a refresher for me, LOL!!

Making a seemingly-endless supply of scrap strips
For me, working with so many solids was new, and making those darn trees seemed never-ending. But I thought of Easton wrapped up in it, and really did enjoy the process.

Pinning up and sewing the strips. My cats LOVED them!
Notice how the sewn-in strips are in lower blocks and the dangly strips (not yet sewn in) are higher up? That is to discourage two felines who shall remain unnamed from batting them around.  I think I am going to write a book:   QUILTING WITH CATS.  Should be a best-seller, eh?

After washing, it crinkled up nicely. So soft!!  

I just quilted wavy, unmeasured lines with my Bernina 550QE, using a walking foot and Aurifil 40-wt. thread. OMG, it was the first time I have used Aurifil, and I am now a believer. I couldn’t believe how nice it was. Stitched like buttah!

The backing, which is actually a bit darker than I was able to capture with a camera, is Carolyn Friedlander’s Branches in Charcoal from her Botanics line.  I bought all the fabrics (the Kona solids and the backing) during end-of-year clearance sales. The trees were made from my scrap bins.

Finally, I made a 14” pillow with medium gray on the front. The back is the Branches fabric again, and was constructed to allow easy-on/easy-off for washing.  Now looking at the pillow, I think it looks rather plain. I wish I had quilted it first. Hindsight.

This is my second finish for this first quarter in the 2015 Finish-Along with Adrienne of On the Windy Side.

And this is what is now on my design wall:

It’s the last of my CQJP2012 (Crazy Quilt Journal Project for 2012). Better late than never!  I still have one block to finish stitching, then the process of trimming and sewing them together begins. The center needlepoint has been trimmed, and will finish at 15x15”. When everything is sewn together, I may have some areas to finish stitching to eliminate some “black holes”.  Bottom Left Corner, I’m looking at YOU!  Then I will figure out how to stabilize it before adding a black-on-black houndstooth-weave home dec fabric (a blend). I will add a hanging sleeve and most likely list it for sale in my Etsy shop.  I hope to have this finished in the next few days so I can count this as my third finish this quarter.

Linking up to Fabric Tuesday.
Come back tomorrow for my Scrappy Saturday post.

Cathy maroon
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