Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Red January Saturday

The weather is bleak and gray, the nights are long, the politicians are all crazy ..... yep, it must be January. Thank goodness for friends, family (and that includes the furry members), and sewing. I’m doing my best to keep my sanity until we get to the Vernal Equinox (only 67 more days, if you’re counting) ... or vacation in Arizona, whichever comes first. And this month we are focusing on the color red in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. That’s a cheery color, so it’s fun to see my sewing room decked out like a bomb went off with red.

Last week I showed you samples of the cracker block and the classic anvil block that I intended to make. Well, here are their red little friends that got made this week.

10 Red Crackers (will finish at 7” each):

In addition to the blocks above, and in case you only drop by for Rainbow Scrap Saturday and didn’t see any interim posts, I made 42 more of these red cracker blocks out of some Scottie dog fabric I’ve had sitting around for awhile. This picture shows the blocks just pinned up on the design wall, but it is actually a completed flimsy now. I hope to have it completed by month-end into a gender neutral donation quilt for kids.

And then I sewed 5 red anvil blocks. Last week I called them “Little White Doves”, but that actually was the name of Jen Kingwell’s quilt that used this block in white. The blocks themselves are actually the classic Anvil block. And many thanks to Mari for pointing that out to me so now I can just call them anvils!  They are 8.5”, unfinished.

Much of the week was spent focusing on Saguaro Sunset. My goal for the week was to finish the 4 cacti in the second row, and I got it done. This is how the two rows look together so far.

Please excuse the blue painters tape. I had to get the first row up as high as I could to allow room on the design board to work the second row. The rows are not yet sewn together. Instead, after this picture was taken I pinned the second row up where the first row is so that I have room to work on the third and final row. That will consist of 4 more saguaros on a background that fades from light orange to golden yellow to light yellow. How it will look is anyone’s guess because I’m having to pull in whatever solids or ombre fabric I have left lying around. I hope to be able to squeak it out without having to go shopping for more fabric, which would be tragic (muahahahaha). Fingers crossed.

Next week’s goal on Saguaro Sunset is to get two more cacti done. The blocks take For.Ev.Er. when you are cutting pieces and playing with colors. But I am enjoying it.  :-)

I also sewed up eight “Fireball” blocks for the January Block Lotto. They are 6.5” each and I grouped them together for their glamour shot.

Darla had a dental appointment at the vet’s office this week and ended up having to have 2 teeth pulled. I told her she ought to brush better. She was NOT at all pleased to be caged in her carrier to and fro (the indignity!), but finally forgave me by the next day.

Alfie, on the other hand (paw?), was not in the least upset with Darla being gone, because he didn’t have to take turns in my lap.


  1. Great-looking blocks! I really love the Saguaro cactus quilt. Is your next row green or brown? I'm trying to figure out what the "ground" will be, since it's Arizona. Looks awesome so far!

  2. Girl, that cactus quilt glows like a real sunset!

  3. Lots of bright cherry blocks and quilt ideas--
    and what a delightful cactus you have growing there--does it need watering!!!!
    and that cat sure looks happy and comfy!!!!
    luv, di

  4. I loved the beginning of your post, Cathy! All things that had me nodding and going, "Oh yes!" Aren't we lucky to be able to disappear into our sewing rooms and be creative on a regular basis?! I always enjoy seeing all your blocks and projects, but am especially loving the cactus quilt. It is just going to be gorgeous!

  5. I could use a Saguaro Sunset right about now. It's been snowing all day.
    The Anvil block is a classic. I like to make classic blocks as an RSC project. They make for some great scrappy quilts. You are on your way to one.

  6. Always the overachiever!! A batch of RED blocks AND an entire RED quilt top, too?! Wish I had even HALF of your energy!

  7. I'm lovin' those saguaros! Is Alfie planning on being the final row of yellow at the bottom of that one?

  8. The Cracker block is one of my favorites - might have to revisit it soon. The cacti look amazing! I'm not sure the Vernal Equinox will help the crazy politicians. I'm waiting for Mueller Time.

  9. Can I just say I love your cats!
    Oh! The RED! Love it, love it, love it!!!!
    The Saguaro Sunset is looking mighty fine I love the colors in that as well. I'm sensing a theme here...I like the colors so much because I too am counting the days until the Vernal Equinox. The only problem there is that here on my farm it means mud for miles. (UGH!!!)
    And just because...politicians...meh!

    My daughter lit the sewing fire under me by asking me to make some pillow cases for an auction to help a friend with terminal cancer. Something I loved doing. The recipient of the auction asked me if I could make more for her. I think that and maybe a lap quilt to give her comfort.

    Well, here's to Spring may it get here quickly! I love keeping up with all of your doings. You have the greatest projects!

  10. Wow, such a lot of beauties here! Your cactus quilt is amazing, and I do like Your other blocks too. Hope you kitty is well recovered from dental surgery now.

  11. Hi Cathy! Lots of good redness and happiness in this post. It did bring a little cheer to me today. And Alfie! Sweet quilt helper or apprentice, I can see where that could be a big distraction. Happy Sunday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Those cacti are AMAZING! I know you are struggling with the ombre background, but man is it stunning! Can't wait to see the third row!

  13. Wow. That is a lot. The background to the cactus is amazing. And Molly is very sorry that Alfie was robbed at gunpoint.

  14. Wow! Look at you go with all your pretty reds!
    Can't wait to see that next row of cacti added on! That quilt is flat-out gorgeous!

  15. Most things are either frozen cold or bat-shit crazy. And in a grey dismal scene like this, you reward us with a burst of color red!!! You may have just saved us from Seasonal Affliction Disorder. And then those cactus blocks have really put me in a mood to party!!! Love everything in this post. Big hugs to you!!!

  16. Alfie looks in total bliss! The cactus project looks absolutely hot - you can almost feel the heat radiating around the cactus. I suspect we could do with a little of that heat this weekend - supposed to be really cold here.


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