Saturday, September 24, 2016

Roses are Red, So Are My Quilt Blocks

It’s been two weeks since I posted. As I had mentioned, I flew to Kansas City and spent a week in Missouri at a Crazy Quilting retreat. Yes, we did get a couple hours to visit Missouri Star Quilt Company, but the weather was terrible. The clouds were dark and ominous and It was pouring rain. We got drenched going from car to storefront and back.

However, we did manage to visit the newly-remodeled main store and then a couple of the specialty stores. My haul included three lengths of fabrics that I'll use for backings (2) and borders (1). The Doans have done a great job of moving the shops so that many are together and connected to each other (side by side) or on the first or second floor with stairs/elevator access between floors. The town of Hamilton got some new sidewalks and looks better than ever.

It was great to see my friends again at the retreat; we make it a point to get together at least yearly. Here is a picture of (L-R: Colleen Anderson, Carol Kramer and me).  Colleen lives in Nebraska. Her husband Mark went to high school with (and knew)  my husband Bruce in Bountiful, UT. It was a total coinkydink that we discovered about 6 years ago! Carol and I met ten years ago when she and her hubby Woody attended the John Campbell School in NC at the same time Bruce and I did. Carol and I shared a CQ class, and we became fast friends. Carol and Woody have visited us in UT and we have visited them in Florida - or at retreats in between.

So, in the intervening two weeks since my last blog post, I’ve done a lot of stitching for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks/quilts.  I finished all three red litters of cats; one mama and 12 kittens each.  Two red litters are still just blocks.....

...but one has been pieced into a quilt top. A Kitty Flimsy (or a Kitten Kaboodle) (or whatever) has been born!  It needs an ironing terribly, as it somehow went from hanging on the design board to decorating the floor in a rumpled heap while I was gone. Alfie and Darla aren’t talking....

And then there are the ten monthly 16-patch blocks. They are just randomly adhered to the design board - not pinned nor even trimmed..... I think after doing the gold/yellow blocks next month (which will total 90 blocks), they will be used as alternate blocks with some other style block that I`ll do next year. After that there will be enough to separate the blocks into color stories (like blue-green-purple or orange-yellow-brown) and make 2-3 quilts.

I made one red Dresden on a pink background this month, as seen below. I have not been feeling the love with these blocks all year. But when I finished this one yesterday, I trimmed all the blocks down to 19” and began pinning them up on the design board.

And surprisingly, I loved it! The final block will be stitched next month; a yellow-gold wheel on a pink background.  The quilt will finish at about 74x74”. I decided against flip corner triangles, sashing or borders. But that may change, too. Right now I think there is enough color and interest going on as it is, but.....  Not sure if this is the final layout.

And I have managed to keep up the pace with the Cozy Christmas Sew-Along. The first six (of 12) blocks are done and sashed. They look a bit wonky pinned up on the design board, but they’re actually pretty accurate.  :-)

The living room remodel has begun, with some demolition scheduled for this weekend. We were not able to match the exact shade of engineered wood from our kitchen floor, so we went a couple shades darker and found a gorgeous hardwood (not engineered, just regular ol’ hardwood) for the living room. We are also carrying the hardwood up the short stairs (3 half risers) down the hallway and into the back bedroom, which serves as our library/music room/exercise room/guest room. It will be ordered next week so it can get here and acclimatize itself for a couple weeks before installation.

The fireplace insert contractor is coming out later this week to do the firebox measurements once the existing brick hearth and facia is demolished. The placement of the new, smaller box will not utilize all the existing firebox space in order to finally make it centered on the wall (don’t know if that description makes sense). Installation will be two weeks after measurements/ordering. In the meantime, the carpenter will be out to take measurements and begin the design drawing of the shelving units, mantel, etc.. The projection is that it all will be done mid-Novemberish. As long as it’s done by early December, I’ll be happy. It appears I won’t be decorating for fall this year, but I definitely want to decorate (and have new furniture) by Christmas!!

Join us over at So Scrappy for a wonderful stroll through some creative uses of red scraps!!

Cathy maroon


  1. How cute is that cozy Christmas sew along. Love the centres. What a great Mama cat and Kittens quilt.

  2. I'm overcome with envy! I like all of it! The cats are inventive, love the two sizes. The dresdens, so interesting. All of it, great as usual.

  3. Welcome back. The kitten litters are coming together wonderfully. I love how boxy they look together.

  4. What a great time you must have had on your retreat/reunion. You still mamaged to keep up the pace with your blocks. The Dresdens look so lovely together and the cats and kittens go perfectly. Maybe you will wake up one morning and find that all the kittens have gotten themselves into a scrappy mixup!

  5. Glad you enjoyed your retreat in KC, but it's too bad about the weather! Getting together with longtime friends is the best though. I got to do that with my college roommates in June and enjoyed every minute! The cats and Dresdens are wonderful! I'm not even a cat person, and I now want a Kitty Quilt like yours!

  6. Lots of rosy goodness going on there!

  7. Wow!! You are making AMAZING progress on your RSC projects and they look FABULOUS!!! Glad you enjoyed your retreat and are now back to your blogging.

  8. Your kitty blocks are so cute! AND your dresden plates are amazing! Well done!

  9. Love the new red & white kitties... and the flimsy looks wonderful!

  10. You are making headway on all levels!! Gosh, you have been saying all along that you are not loving those dresdens but aren't they amazing all together!! Your red kitties look pretty happy too!! You are pretty darned focused. And having the living room done by Christmas is a MUST! I just can't wait to see pics of it when its' done.

    Have a great week!
    xx, Carol

  11. Love cats and love Dresdens! I did Dresdens for RSC2015, and just recently finished my quilt. I love it, and I love yours!!

  12. I love your colorful kittens and DRESDENS!
    A colorful quilt of dresdens is on my bucket list : )


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