Thursday, August 6, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Blocks - Catching Up

I have kept up with the sewing schedule (2 blocks per week) since the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along began last May. However, I have been remiss in posting pictures of them since I attended the FGV retreat over a month ago.  Luckily, we are sewing the blocks in alphabetical order, as they are presented in the book.  The last one I showed was Fresh Pears.

Please excuse the quality of the photos; I threw each one out on a vintage sheet I had spread on the floor and just snapped away...... So, shall we get to it?



Grandma’s Quilt Block


Kettle’s On!

Kitchen Window

Mama Hen

Milking Day

Old Glory

Old Red Barn
This week I am working on Out to Pasture and Patchwork Pumpkin. I will have pictures of those next week.  :-)

More posts to come -


Cathy maroon


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great blocks - I think my favourite is the Mama Hen.