Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another Lace & Pearls Block

Oh what fun it is to stitch!  It seems I have been so busy with other things that I forgot how much I enjoy sitting in my new stitching room and just embroidering and beading! The last  four weeks I took Saturday Bernina Owners classes for my new sewing machine, and then the rest of the weekend seemed to be catch-up.  This morning I got to spend my morning adding the finishing touches to Connie’s beautiful Lace and Pearls block.

My work on Connie’s lovely hankie Lace and Pearls Block 

The beading (above) of the tiny white flowers took a lot of time, but I enjoyed every minute. And I think it added to the whole feminine look to the block.  I also added some pearls and stitching along the outside of the hankie to define it better and give it a more finished look.

One of my favorite charms has always been this Victorian hand. I attached it with a “pearl bracelet” and “pearl ring” (tiny white beads). As well (and this is something I always point out), I stitched over the ring at the very right of the charm, using white thread to match the background fabric. This helps it blend into the background and “disappear”.   And see - the hand is holding a hankie!  :-)

This is how the blocks look so far together. They were stitched by:  Upper Left Purple, Elizabeth R; Upper Right, me; Lower Left Roses, Gayle S; and Lower Right Blue, Barbara W. Connie I bet you are soooo excited about these!  If not, I can always keep them!  (wink)

So, one of the two remaining blocks will go to Andrea in India to finish and the other 5 (the four finished blocks and one remaining unfinished) will return home to Connie.

We are also doing a Hankie/Linens Challenge on CQI (Crazy Quilting International) this year. I think I will upload this picture to the Challenge Album, too.  And watch for some interesting information on making crazy quilts with hankies (I’m doing an article) coming out in the next issue of Pat Winter’s Crazy Quilt Gatherings, due later this month on MagCloud.  Also, my friend Gerry is constructing a CQ piece of hankies and linens; you can check out her process on either (or both) of her blogs: Olderrose or Block Talk With Gerry

I hope you are all thawing out in the eastern US, and that my friends down in the southern hemisphere are not roasting away.  We are all due for some reasonable weather (she said as she looked out the window and saw it snowing. . . )


Cathy maroon


Katy Cameron said...

Oh wow, so many teeny details! Glad you're back to having fun again :o)

Connie said...

Cathy - you did a lovely job - I just love what you did with the hand charm, beading, and flowers. Thanks for posting a photo of them all together! And no, you can't keep them! (-;

Cynthia said...

Beautiful. My SIL gave me some vintage hankies for Christmas. This looks like a good use for them.

floozina said...

Lovely work. I bought some hankies last week to make something special just because of all the chatter on the list about them, lol.

I'm afraid to tell you that we are still roasting, melting away in fact down here on the hot side of the world. One can only hope that it will end soon, although I heard today that we have at least another 6 weeks of summer to look forward to. Rats!

Gina E. said...

Your stitching is exquisite! I'd never have thought of embellishing vintage handkies for CQ - what a great idea! I need to start making a note of some of these things...I go from one blog to the next and within five minutes I've forgotten what I admired so much on the last one :-(